View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

1857 Wagner Creek families

One of the most historically interesting notations in the Welborn Beeson diary is the following census information about the families along Wagner Creek on the last day of the year 1857. Welborn took it upon himself to become the unofficial enumerator for the community by documenting not only family names but the crops and the number of farm animals from each household. The year 1857 was the first year that Welborn had total control of the farm as his father, John Beeson, was living in New York City at the time. He took pride in comparing his success as a farmer to that of his neighbors. [original spelling from the diary retained]

“New Years Eve 1857
                  At the present time there are on Wagners Creeck seven Familys.  The first near the Mouth
George Rockefellow  Albert and Sarah Rockefelow
The next John, Eliza, Allice, Melville, and Jack Wrisley liveing on Jacob Wagners farm, also Gilbert Thomson [?]
The next is James, Isabell, Kate, and Laura Thornton
The next Mrs Ann Beeson, and Welborn Beeson
The next John, Susan, and John Junior, Robert, and Mary Robison.
The next David, Fidelia, Oscar, Orson Nuel, Arminda, Mary, George and Emma Sternes,
The next is Grandville, Mrs., Alonzo, Adolphus, Alvin, and Alvina Naylor, also William Sutherland, and John 
Total number of souls, on the Creeck          37
Males                                                                      21
Females                                                                  16

unmaried Females                                                9   
unmarried Males                                                 15

Married Females                                                  7  
Married Males                                                      11 

Dec 31st1857
Number of horses owned on the Creeck
Rockefellows & Broth                                           3 head
Wrisley & Wagner & Thomson                         5
Thornton  . .  .  .                                                        4
Beesons                                                                       3
Robison & son                                                          7
Sterens                                                                         5
Naylor & Sutherland                                              4                                    
Total                                                                            31 head

Mr Grandville Naylor owns and runs one saw mill, The only Machinery on the Creeck.  The ballace of the inhaabitance are farmers
                  Rockefellows & Broth raised wheat                                    400
                  Wrisley  . .  .  . .  .  .                                                                       500
                  Thornton  . .  .  . .  .  .                                                                   200
                  Beeson - - -                                                                                     300
                  Robison - - -                                                                                   150
                  Sternes                                                                                            100            

Total amount of wheat                               16.50
And about 400 bus of Oats, and a little Barley”