View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte


28 July 1910 TALENT TO THE FRONT Porter J. Neff, attorney, has prepared the necessary papers for the incorporation of the city of Talent. Petitioners to the county court have been circulated and signed and will be acted on by the court during the September term. The citizens of Talent have for some time been considering having their town incorporated. Recently a mass meeting was held and committees were appointed to take the necessary steps. [Ashland Tidings]

8 Sep 1910 INCORPORATE TALENT TOWN The county court of Jackson County yesterday granted the petition for the incorporation of the Town of Talent, and the first important step toward the organization of a town government for the Wagner Valley metropolis was completed. Officials will be chosen later and the wheels of town government set in motion. The estimated population of the town is 250 and the acreage included within the corporation is about 200. [Ashland Tidings]

6 Oct 1910 V. A. DUNLAP FIRST MAYOR Talent, the prosperous metropolis of the Wagner Valley took another step toward incorporation as a munincipality yesterday, when an election was held confirming the proceedings heretofore had, and choosing the first officers for the town. Seventy votes were cast.
The formal vote for incorporation was 46 and against 24. V.A. Dunlap was elected Mayor, with a total vote of 58 to his credit, the highest cast for any candidate.
for recorder there was a close contest between C.W. Sherman and G.W. Ager, Sherman winning, with 30 votes to 28 for Ager.
M. Manning was elected marshal, with 56 voters and G.A. Gardner for treasurer, with 55 votes.
The vote for incorporation will become effective as soon as the proceedings are finally approved by the county court. [Ashland Tidings]