View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Photo Gallery

Wagner Creek Area near Talent, Oregon from the top of the old Brick School house.
Wagner Creek Road toward Rapp Road on the right.

This ditch or channel has to be somewhere along Rapp Road where it turns into Wagner Creek Road

Looking east along Main St. the "Boys and Girls Club" would be on the right about where the telephone pole is. 

I think this barn on the right was moved to Valley View Road and was used by the Hanscom family for produce and is now an antique store across from Wal-Mart. It originally belonged to the Holdridge family and sat along Rapp Road. Moving it to Valley View must have been fun. 

This is one of the many photos taken from the rooftop of the old brick school. The house in the front (the Smith/Terrill house)  is still standing across Wagner St. from the Elementary School. The Knighten house (also featured on this blog) is in the center of this photo with the tall tree behind it. The road down the center of this photo is Main Street.

This lovely farm is still intact - where the Fortmiller's live. It was once a mink farm and there is a pond on the left of the road now but the property is much the same as it was when this photo was taken probably in the 1940s. It is off of Holton Road.