View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Henley, California by George Wright

                                                       December 12, 1953 by George Wright
The town of Henley, what is left of it, is one of the little old towns of frontier days. How it got the name I don't know for sure but I believe the name was given after a man by the same name who was a California senator in the early days.
When the California and Oregon Railroad came through in about 1887 it bypassed Henley and followed along Cottonwood Creek. Henley began to die out as Hornbrook built up along the railroad. After a few years there wasn't much of anything at Henley but a little settlement of homes and small ranches. When the highway came in about 1915 it was built near Hornbrook. In about 1941 the highway was rebuilt and the route changed to pass through Henley. This started the pioneer town to show a little life again.
I don't remember too much about Henley when it was a town, although there was some of it left when I was a boy. At that time Hornbrook was well established and was a lively little town. I do remember, however, some of the early settlers that lived at or near Henley. They include Jehu Jacobs, Anthony Niles, Joe Clawson, John O'Neil, Sal Shattuck, Fred Fredenburg, and Sam Clawson.