View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Little Bogus Creek and Giddings Hill by George Wright

December 24, 1953
The little creek or gulch that empties into the Klamath River about two miles up the river from old Klamathon Town and on the eastside of the river, is called Little Bogus Creek.
About two miles up the river from Little Bogus Creek, and also on the eastside, is Bogus Creek. It is much larger than Little Bogus Creek, and has water in it the year around. Little Bogus Creek has water only through the winter and spring months.
Many years ago when I was roaming the range I would see many steelhead fish in the little stream after the warm rains during the winters. They would go up the little stream to spawn.

In going down the Klamath River to Hornbrook the road crosses Cedar Gulch and then goes over a little hill and down to the river again. The hill is called Giddings Hill, and is not as noticeable over the new road as it used to be. On the old road in earlier years the hill was a good pull for the horses when the wagons were used, and the early automobiles often had trouble with the hill when the road was muddy from the rains. The new road follows along where the old cut-off trail used to be, and is not as steep as the old road was.
Giddings Hill was named after Abner and Henry Giddings. They were father and son who lived near the hill and both were early day stage drivers. They drove stages between Yreka, California, and Jacksonville, Oregon, before the railroad was built through Siskiyou Mountain.