View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Robison House on Wagner Creek in Oregon

This was the John And Susan Robison House as it looked in the 1880s. It was built about 1864 and is still standing today on Wagner Creek Road near Talent, Oregon. The house has been remodeled several times and is hard to identify now. In this photo are Hannah and Sam Robison standing behind the fence and Susan Robison sitting on the front porch. One of the trees to the right was a swamp hickory tree which is still growing beside the house today. 
This is a view of the same house looking towards the Northeast. Roxy Ann Peak can be seen in the distance. The water tower and barn are no longer standing. At the time of this photo, the homestead appears to be used as a dairy. 
Eddie Robison, author of the Talent News is standing in front of the old Robison place. Eddie inherited the house from his father and grandfather. The face of the house had been changed by the time this photo was taken and is changed even more now but the interior still has elements of the old place. The Robison family arrived in Jackson County in 1853 and lived in a log cabin until this home was built to accomodate the family. The Robison Donation Land Claim was bordered by the Beesons and the Stearns families.