View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Hoffman Cabin, Old Stage Road


     This picture of the Hoffman cabin on the Hoffman Donation Land Claim along the old Stage Road about 4 miles outside of Jacksonville, OR recently surfaced. William Hoffman and wife, Caroline had 6 daughters and came to Oregon in 1853 from Indiana. The oldest daughter, Mary, became Mrs. George Vining. Anna Sophia married David Linn, Emma married George Dorris, Julia married C. C. Beekman, Florence married T.H.B. Shipley and later J.C. Whipp. The youngest daughter was single for many years but late in life married John Hoffman (not related). 
    A description of the cabin was given by William and Caroline's grandson, Fletcher Linn as follows: "The cabin was quite large with rough wood floors and ceilings, and at the rear of the cabin was a covered shed, entirely closed except for one end, with dirt floor, and with a door entrance to the cabin. The main room was quite large, with a fine large fireplace at one end, made very substantially of large flagstones, and with a chimney outside the cabin. 
     The older members of the family, therefore, managed very nicely in the two rooms, which were fairly large. 
     The main living room being ceiled with rough lumber, and the roof being rather high and steep, formed space in the Attic; and an open ing about four feet square was left under the eaves at the east end of the cabin, beside the chimney.
     Rather than continue to sleep any longer in the covered wagons, and for the better security from Indian attack, a ladder was made to this entrance under the roof, and mattresses for the beds for the six little girls were placed in this Attic, and by means of the ladder beside the chimney, they found their way to and from their resting places each night, for their first winter spent in southern Oregon; in fact because of the Indian uprising that year, it was nearly two years before they were able to better their situation."
  The little window next to the chimney was the above described document is clearly seen in the photo. The kids sitting near the cabin in this photo are not identified. The photo is in a private collection. 
    In other accounts the Hoffman cabin was referred to as the "White House" being one of the only frame and painted houses in the area when it was first built.