View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Street Scene in Ashland, OR 1880s

      This scene has always intrigued me. I scanned a private collection of photos and this was in the pile, so I am posting it in hopes that it will help someone identify an ancestor. 
    The building on the left in the background was supposed to be the old Marble Works building on the corner of Main and Church Streets in Ashland, OR. The Marble works was run by James H. Russell and his wife Ann Haseltine (Hill) Russell. When James was injured his wife took over the stone carving business and made a name for herself. I am not certain that it really was the Marble Works building but I know that Main St. in Ashland used to be quite steep going North from the plaza area. This photo was obviously taken before the road was graded as it is today. 
     This picture was on a postcard and had 15 names on the back as follows:  ____ Benjamin, Will Vining, Geo. Stockton, Chas Chitwood, Crit Tolman, Geo. Barron, Harry Casey, Will Littleton [Lyttleton], Jack Frizzell, Ham Chitwood, Sherd [Sheridan] Thornton, Gordon Frizzell, Chas Gillette, Pete Eubanks, ____Williams - Barber. Also written on the back of the postcard " 82-83 compliments of E. C. Payne