View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Gone but not forgotten. Lost places in Talent, Oregon

The Look Out up on top of Wagner Butte was taken down by the Forest Service.  Early settlers carved their names in the rocks when they climbed the peak. 
Ames Building was located on the corner of John And Main St. in Talent, OR.
It was built about 1914 as a store with living quarters upstairs. In the 1930s when
 the CCC boys came to town they headquartered in the Ames building. It was
eventually torn down but was once a bustling business.  
A brick school house stood on the same spot as the Talent Elementary School of today.
It was built in 1911 and lasted until the 1970s when it was demolished. This picture was sold on ebay. If you
have any old photos of Talent please let me know. [ ]
My personal favorite photo of Talent. Except for the Community Hall on the left of center, the Bell house and Hanscom Hall, all the buildings visible in this photo are gone. The "Valley Hotel" in the center was said to be a rowdy spot where alcohol flowed freely is now the where the Talent Club stands. Note the muddy roads before paving. This photo was taken about 1907 and is a view looking North from today's Talent Ave and to the left is now Market Street.
Wolters Store was the most important building in town. Built in 1911 to replace wooden buildings that burned, it stood on the corner of I (now Market St.) and Wagner Ave. where Tark's parking lot is today.

The Bagley Cannery stood close to the RR tracks  about where Colver Road and Front Street meet.