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Ashland, Oregon singing school photograph

This old photo (late 1860s or early 1870s) of an Ashland, Oregon singing school has always fascinated me. Recently, a friend sent it to me with a detailed identification of the characters including information about the little dog.

      Singing schools were a regular part of early settlement and offered recreation, and community building time.  In this case, a blind teacher, Mr. Rhoten (spelled various ways)  sat behind the organ as his students gathered round with their song books. The little dog belonged to Eugene Rockfellow, the smallest boy behind the dog. 
   Identification was done by S.F. Thornton (adding the married names of the women) who sent this picture to Miss Ruth Rockfellow as follows:
Front the Right to Left:
1. Lettie Jaquette                               7. Grace Russell Fountain                          13. Mary Burnett
2. Ella Thornton Garrett                   8. Mary Helman Niles                                 14. Lydia Burnett
3. Grandma Walrad                            9. Laura Thornton Willey                          15. Nora Smith Walrad
4. Etta Hargadine Kyle                    10. Alice Applegate Sargent
5. Lulu Emery                                    11. Fannie Kay Bishop
6. Kate Thronton Andrus                 12. Docia Rockfellow

Men from Left to Right
1. George Patterson
3. J. M. McCall
4. Sam Downing (in doorway)
5. Bert Oatman (in front of Downing)
6. Albert Rockfellow
7. Charles Adams
8. Eugene Walrad (in front of Adams)
    Two youngsters in front at end of organ
    Eugene Rockfellow  & Chas. H. Gillette
Rutan the blind music teacher
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