View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Civil War Vets in Jackson County, Oregon

This spectacular photo was taken about 1898 in Talent, Oregon in front of the Sherman Block buildings. The men are Civil War veterans from the Grand Army of the Republic gathered to relive their glory days. Of the 21 men in the photo only two are positively identified. Jesse W. Adams is he 4th from the left on the back row and Samuel Carlisle is the 2nd from the right on the back row. Figuring out who the rest of them are is a quest. I have theories about some of the others. If you know who was who - please contact me 
In the 1890 Special census of Union Veterans and their widows In Jackson County, Oregon , 20 men were listed in Talent who served in the Civil War, 4 of which were Confederates. Most of them were still alive when this photo was taken about 1898. The names listed on the census were :
Andrew J.Wilcox - (actually listed in Phoenix but he was a Talent guy - built the Baptist Church there in 1870s.)
Frederick Grob(e)
Aaron P. Talent ( I think he could be the man to the right of Jesse Adams in the photo), 
John Calhoun Praytor (Confederate - don't know if they included Confederates in the GAR photos)
Noah Allen (who died in 1896- so he is not likely in the photo)
John Garvin
Barney Garvin
John D. Atwater
Westley J. Britton
Jesse W. Adams (identified in photo)
John W. Carpenter
Thomas H. Critchlow
Theodore H. West
Edmund E. White ( Don't think he is in photo as there are other photos of him and none of these guys look like him) Harvey Dunlap
Samuel Carlisle (identified)
Robert A. Gray
John Holt, Confederate
Samuel M. Morgan, Confederate
Jacob S. Aid, Confederate 
Augusta W. Clemmens
William T. Burnett

The man on the bottom row, 4th from the right looks like Samuel Robison but I don't think Samuel served in the Civil War! The man to the left of him looks like Eber A. Hendricks who was listed in Talent on the 1900 census and was a Civil War vet. 
Salisbury Sherman is likely to be in the photo as well - especially since the building behind the vets is the Sherman block, named after Mr. Sherman who had them built about 10 years before the photo was taken. Sherman served from the state of Iowa. 

Please let me know if you have this photo in your family collection or if you have photos of  any of the men named in the 1890 census.  thanks for looking at my blog - Jan