View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Ocean Voyage of Charles Lindsay and family 1873

                                                              Chas Lindsay
                                                              South Tilley

3 feet long breadth at Top 2 in Bottom 10 in depth sides 8 in head circle above the sides 9 in the __ ist 26 in long 5 in deep –aving a circule on sold --- of 44 in diameter Dmentions of a Chair – 32 ½ in long 1 ½ to 1 1/8 7 in Below the tanner Backfeet 3 in of the straight top rail 3 in above the Back Mid rail 7 in above the tanner front feet 2 + 2 Bottom or seat Broad 14 – 18 + 16

Golding Table
Feet 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 – 28 Tanner Boards 4 x 1 ½ - 20 other 2 x 4 x 1/12 – 3 feet t Top 21 Broad with 10 ½ inches at each side --- feet 7 in long
Dresser __ feet 2 1/8 x 2 1/8 34 long rances for drawers 1 x 2 sole of shelves 3-16 soles drawers 29 in from Bottom lids or doors ___ in x 28 each with ___ inches fixed in the center top 4 feet + 1” 10 in 2 in projected __ round except at back 2 drawers 14 ½ in 4 ¼ - 17 ½ long center ___ 6 ¾ x 4 ¼ 17 ½ long frights Between them __ 1/8 x 1 -4 ¼

a Basin
3 plates
A water coat
A chook pot

Saturday 28th Dec
–zebrdee piltry

Dec 20th 1873
Found Zebridd Piltry cutting wood an us
31 trees cut
Jan 8th 1874 found Albert Demerchant cutting wood on us 71 trees 45 ft pine log 4 trees Birch Undber a good many more

Blank pages and torn out pages

Mr Baird
Please send by Mr McDonald

Blank pages

Notes of our journey from Scotland to America – Glasgow Aprile 25 1873 got on Board S S Castalia 5 P.M. got our bed clothes no Boxes to be found 3 P.M. tickets Balenced 4 P.M. started down the Clide – ancored off Greenock
26 Rise at 5 A.M. 8 A.M. tickets collected and inspected Dr Grasely pleased Maggie by saying she had the helthies best Baby on Board 9 A.M. Started down the river 3 P M a mile or so off Mull of Cantrye none of the cost here is fertile Ireland in view 8 p.m. 140 miles from Greenock Sea beginnig to get rough vomiting going on in many places Ile of Sky Scotland & Ireland in view – a very fine day unfavorable wind W.N.W. __ nevolony light in the N.W. cost of Ireland in sight it revolves in 3 or 4 minutes it increases & then almost disappears again
27 No Land to be seen passengers very sick ¾ are unable to rise 750 on Board – Maggie Chas & Willie are sick some one vomiting very sever
Noon L 56.23 Long 11.35 W distance 263 miles from Greenock 3 pm ship N homeward bound – sermon in the saloon 8 pm Maggie Chas & Willie a little better a very good day wind same as before Many very sick yet –
28 all of us on deck to day – many still sick dancing and gambling going on deck –
Noon L 54.56 N Lon 18.24 W 236 or 499 miles from Greenock sickness still consumes a very good day wind less favorable due W nothing seen all day – sea gulles followed us till today picking up the fragments unknown overboard
29 nothing to be seen & little to say getting on very well
Margt & Chas sometimes up & sometimes in bed rest of us as well as ever we are – noon Lat 54 56N Long 24.10 W 208 miles or 707 in all 8 P M Sea getting rough Braking over deck – a very good day wind SW more favourable
30 sea rough all in our usual today
Wind very strong W
Noon Lat 35” 17N Long 29” 00 W 184 M or 891 miles from Greenock – rain 4 P M clear & fair Sea heavy wind west a little abated May 1 first clear day heavey sea
Noon Lat 51.54 N Long __2.22 W 152 miles 1043 miles from Greenock sea heavy ship Rolling 7 pm very clear day everything movable rolling about grate difficulty in standing 2 & 8 am strong S wind heavey rain sea more calm Noon Lat 79” 42 N Long 37” 32 distance 236 miles _279 from Greenock sea very rough sweeping over deck from them to storm heavy rain 9 PM wind changed in 5 minutes from South to NW very rough everything rolling some tossed out of their berths very course day & heavey sea
3 an extremely rough night wind to ship northward drifting before the wind 10 am other 2 within a short distance of us hail & snow with strong wind from Lat 48.42 Long 39.51 distance 105 miles or 1384 from Greenock – sea extremely rough drifting like what we would call hogger drift Blowing ice severe gale 8 pm still getting worse
4th a very rough night 8 am grately abated wind & sea more calm 9 am wind changed to NE compained with rain & close fall Noon Lat 47” 00 Long 41.08 distance 125 miles or 1509 miles from Greenock 4 pm 4 ships in sight wind due W wind calm seen heavy first day we have been able to get on deck since Wednesday [page torn out]
5 very close morning foggy whistle Blowing every 2 minutes sea calmer wind W
Noon Lat45-53 N Long 45-29 distance 195 miles total 1704 clear strong W wind one ship in sight very cold evening
6 clear cold morning calmest we have had Noon Lat 44.50 Long 50.00 W distance 215 miles total 1914 miles one ship to north fine pleasant evening wind W 1 ship to north & 1 St south dancing on deck first since Wednesday
7 very clear cold morning vesales numerous Noon Lat 44.05 W Long 55.04 distance 230 miles total 2144 miles clear & cold
8 clear & calm sea wind NW Noon Lat 43.02 N Long 60.43 W distance 256 miles very calm sea & calm wind but cold-
9 8 am sea as calm as ever Loch Brandy was. 9 am few whale to be seen a few miles away 9:30 Land sighted with the eye Noon Lat 43.18 Long 66.14 243 miles about two miles from St John
10 2 am ancored about 2 miles from St. John 8 am start for the harbor 9 berthed some thousands of people cheering & welcoming us to their stores – I was selected to give them a time on the Bag pip for on our before Landing 10 am about ½ start up the river to Fredricton the rest of us staying on board costal ___ 6 pm some _ddresses given to Emigrants on board ship a Band played a number of tunes- streets & vessal completely croweded with people ancious to see the foreghners
Sunday 11 passed of very quietly grate many and gave pieces of corn to childres sermon on board ship
12 - 10am start up the river it is a beautifull river varying in breath from a ½ to a mile some places the rocks are steep at Both sides a very high __ant incloses the river at most places we here are used like gentlemen meat & everything necessary ____
at Fredricton there stay all night we slept on the boat like most slept in the court house
13th change boats 6 am start on a wheel Barrow boat that means a boat with only one wheel & that placed behind this to save the wheel from being damaged with timber they float the river some in rafts & some Broad cost some of the rafts cover an acer or 2 with 3 or 4 men on them you have no Idea the guantity of wood that floats down this river night & day the country here look much better than at St John plenty of granit & steep rocky Braces many places cleared & good orchards on them 6 pm arive at Woodstock all sleep on the Boat tonight an awful confined mass __t no sleep for the males start at day light the country is only cleared for a small distance from the river 4 pm or as it were ½ past with you arrive at New Stone Haven grate many waiting us- we are conveyed about 3 miles up the river to an old house 3 families many had to go to the tents

Blank Pages
Glasgo Apr 25 – 73 [not sure why this page is out of order - April 25th is the day the Lindsay's started their journey but these few entries were written in the back of the book so I left the order as it was]  
6 pm Shower our Berths in S. S. Costalia – got our Bed clothes – But no Boxes – 8 pm Tickets Balenced – 11 pm Moved down the Clyde & ancored off Greenock-
26 – 8 pm tickets shower & inspected by Emigration agts Dr they grately pleased Maggie by saying she had the heathest & best Baby on Board- 9 am Brackfast & start 3pm turned round mill of Cantyre none of the coast here is fertile- 8 pm sea a little rough – many vomiting 9 Isle of Sky Scotland & Ireland in sight
a very good day unfavourable wind
27 No Land to be seen ¾ of passengers very sick- Magie & Chas & Willie sick – 8 pm Magie Chas & Willie a little better fine day wind W-
28 Many very sick – All of us on deck today- dancing on deck

4 doz shirt Buttons
4 # dried Apples

Many Blank Pages

Carrilon is the Landing place for LaChute

Alex Paul
Province of Quebeck
Mountreal Canada

Andrew Scott
Or Helen Ogilvy
Smithfield post
Office Wabshaw
County Minisota

James Law
Spring Lake
County Iowa

Mrs. D. Abercrombee
Co T of Beauharnoie

Mrs Guthrie
Province of

P Anderson
Care of Jas Henderson
2 weeks after arrival

Wash hand Basin
Water cash
P__y mug
3 plates

Boundry of School property in District No 8 Perth
Starting a line at the post at the Norht west angle of Lot 1 Range 5 running East same course as North Side line of said Lot 34 Rods thence south 2 Rods – Beginning at this post & running 8 Rods southerly same cours as as West Side of said Lot thnce Easterly same course as North side line of said Lot 10 rods, thence Northerly same couse as West side line of said lot 8 rods, thence westerly same as North line of said lot 10 rods to place of Beginning Half an acre more or less

List of Longitudes and Lattitudes

[The Charles Lindsay family eventually ended up in Ashland, Oregon where this diary is still in the family's possession. The original pocket diary was digitally photographed by Pat and James Bentley and transcribed by Jan Wright in 2008. ]