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Divorces of Jackson County, Oregon Part 2

Jackson County, Oregon Divorce Records
on microfilm from Salt Lake Library

      I did not take notes on every divorce record on the microfilms. This is a list of only those from which I extracted notes and generally only includes the names of individuals on my Jackson County Oregon database – if your relative is on this list – please contact me at or view the films yourself at Jackson County Genealogical Society in Phoenix, Oregon. The reason I did not publish the notes on this blog is that some of the records are very personal in nature and I wanted to respect the privacy of the families.
    Please note that not every divorce in Jackson County is on these films. They range in years from the 1850s to about 1915 and are listed in a rough alphabetical order. If you have a request, I can look through them for you and copy them if legible. The rest of the films are being ordered from the Salt Lake Library by the genealogical library and they should all be available within a few months. [It's April 2014]

              Jackson Co., Oregon Divorces Film # GS#2318330
Margaret J. Bailey vs George W. Bailey

Sadie Bartholomew vs Sanford Barthlomew.

Margaret J. Bain (formerly Margaret J. Wolgamott] vs W.D. Bain

W. J. Blackert vs Ida Blackert

Minerva J. Beardsley vs Wm J. Beardsley

W.H. Bilderback vs Lura Bilderback

Leah M. Caldwell vs A.C. Caldwell

Ottilla Caldwell vs Stewart S. Caldwell

Mary Caldwell vs Caldwell, S. M .

The Cannings from Coos County, Oregon

John C. and Laura Carter

Lillie M. Carver vs E.W. Carver

Mary Cassady vs Martin W. Cassady [also spelled Casida]

Harriet E. Chambers vs William Chambers

Jane Douglas Champlin on behalf of George William Champlin, a minor
vs Fred L. Champlin....

Nimrod N. Charley vs Addie Charlie (sic)

Joseph Clift vs Jane Clift

Myrtle Combs vs Marion R. Combs.

W. A. Cordell vs Isabell A. Cordell

Elizabeth J. Covert vs D.A. Covert

Rufus Cox vs Charity Cox

Mary L. Culp vs John M. Culp

Mrs. M.A. Cusick & J. H Cusick

J.F. Cole vs Inez Cole

Jackson Co., Oregon Divorces Film # GS#2318331

Marion F. Caster vs Marie E. Caster

Frank Clute vs Maude B. Clute

Firman Crump vs Ida Crump

Joseph H. Davis vs Hannah T. Davis

Minnie M. Deuvaul vs E. M. Deuvaul

Eva A.Dews vs Thomas G. Dews

O. Dodge vs Mrs. Alice Dodge
Mary A. Donegan vs John Donegan

Mary L. Dox vs Henry Dox

Rosannah D. Dunlap vs David Dunlap

Marbel I. DeRoboam vs Wm Edward DeRoboam

Ida DeRobaom vs John DeRoboam

Nancy Edes vs John Edes

Alice Clifford Eggers vs Ulysses Grant Eggers

Benjamin Eggleston vs Rebecca Eggleston

Lena Elliott vs George W. Elliott

Laura V. Edwards vs George W. Edwards

Martha Edy vs John Edy [or Eddy]

Eli Ellis vs Melivinia Ellis

Mary L. Enyart vs Alexander Enyart

Lillie M. Epps vs George Epps

Mahala Estes vs Hardin W. Estis

Mary W. Evens vs Davis Evans

Hiram S. Evans vs Eunice Evans .

Florence R. Farley vs John B. Farley

Pauline Farren vs S. M Farren.

Sarah A. Fee vs William Fee

Annie Fields vs Orley H. Fields

Josephine Ford vs Wilber Ford

Lucinda L. Fries vs Christian Fries

Thomas H. Fredenburgh vbs Sarah A. Fredenburgh

Ida M. Freitas vs Jos. T. Freitas

Mary Jane Frans vs Samuel B. Frans