View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Holidays on Wagner Creek 1853-1892

From the Welborn Beeson Diaries - all the entries found that had to do with Christmas and New Year's celebrations on Wagner Creek near what is now Talent, Oregon 1853-1892. Comments by Jan Wright are contained within brackets and italicized [blah blah]
Some of these stories will be presented at the December 22nd 2015 Tuesday Night at the Museum Holiday event.

Christmas and New Years on Wagner Creek
according to Welborn Beeson’s Diary
[After days and days of “breaking prairie” 17 year old WB and family were very busy building a home for themselves. On Christmas eve a school meeting was called because the settlers were not satisfied with the decision to build a school house near a spring on the Smith/Chase Donation Land Claim.]
24 Dec Sat. It snowed about 2 inches deep. It looks quite like winter although Mr. Wagner has been plowing all day. We made a fence on the west of the field. In the evening we went to another school meeting at the fort as some of the fold was not satisfied with he Decision of the last. But nothing was done but to adjourn to next Saturday night again.
25 Dec Christmas. it does not seem like Christmas at all. It is quite warn. It is melting the snow. Mother has made a plain cake. I went to Mr. Samsons to get some handkerchiefs that Mr. Lindley had left for Mother to hem for him. After dinner I commenced to write a letter to John Clayton.

1 Jan New Year It is quite different to what is was a year ago. We were then preparing to start for Oregon to cross the dreaded plains, but now we are here in Oregon seated around the family circle the same as we were 1 year ago. ...happy save being far away from the Friends of my childhood. …..
[Before Christmas in 1854 instead of breaking prairie – they were splitting rails day after day – to fence off the land they planted Mr. Randolph died and WB witnessed his body being placed into the coffin and helped Jacob Wagner dig the grave near the school house WB then drove the ladies in the wagon to the burial - went to the first temperence meeting in J’vlle on the 16th – listened to two Royal sisters sing and bought a $4.00 axe]
24 Dec Father and I went to meeting. Mr.Gray preached. Harry Oatman and wife ate dinner at our house.
25 Dec Joe Anderson having invited Mother and I to go to a quilting at his house, I harnessed the horses and went. Mr. and Mrs. Thornton went with us. Most of the neighbors were there. We had a very pleasant time, and most excellent dinner. There were about 10 men and women. ... [Joe Anderson was still a bachelor – needed a quilt to keep warm during the coming winter – had a quilting party for the neighbors]
31 Dec Sam Robison came down to see me. it is raining. It will make water for the miners. In the evening I went over to Thorntons. Mother is cooking tarts and pies for the picnic tomorrow. The Friends of Temperance are going to have a picnic party at the school house. This is the last day of 54 how the time flies by. it seems but last week since last week since last new years. How this valley has changed. It is now nearly all fenced up and we have got a tolerable good school house, and have meeting almost every Sunday, and day school, Temperance meetings and all go a head meetings. This is a most favored and flourishing neighborhood. This will be one of the wealthiest, temperate and religious neighborhoods in Oregon. Good bye 1854. gone Forever. Edenville, Jackson Co., Oregon Territory. [Note: WB called his town “Edenville” - a name that did not stick]
1 Jan New Years. Mon. Snow snow, the ground is covered with snow, and it is still snowing. We got up late. Father milked. I chopped wood while mother got breakfast. After breakfast Father and I got ready and went to the school house. It snowing so that Mother gave up going. We took a basket full of victuals with us. Soon after we had been at the school house, the neighbors came in thick and fast bringing there dinners along. Father was appointed chairman and the meeting was opened by prayer by Mr. Arnold of Yreka then singing by the choir then excellent address by Mr. Arnold. Then singing and then address by Emery Stearns, singing and then a most excellent dinner then singing and then another address by Mr. Arnold. He is the best speaker I have heard lately, and then singing, and then premisous talking. And resolutions were passed among which was the following. Resolved that we pledge ourselves to do our utmost to pass a prohibitory law in our territory. The meeting was then adjourned to next Saturday week at one ‘clock. We then all came home, we got home five o'clock having spent our time very profitably I think. [Temperance was a big part of this New Year’s resolution]
24 Dec I went to the shop to have the Mares shod. It is very hard froze. Freezing all the time.
25 Dec Christmas Day. It is cloudy like snow. Wallace, Mother, and I went to Mr. Naylors. Mr and Mrs. Thornton. Mrs. Stearns, Miss Stearns, and Mrs. Williams went with us. We danced all night til break of light. Went home with the girls in the morning. There were about 17 ladies and twice as many gentlemen there. We had quite a nice time. It snowed about 3 inches.
26 Dec I took Mother a sleighing. It goes first rate.

1 Jan Mother and Wallace have gone to the New Years picnic. Father and I are staying at home writing. It is thawing a little today. Father and Wallace went to the exhibition this evening at the Mt, Vernon school house
24 Dec ... It is Christmas Eve. They are having a grand ball at Thomases. They are to have another at Oatmans tomorrow night. They have a muddy time to go to parties. It snowed a little last night but it is all gone today. [Apparently WB did not go to either party. “Thomases” was at Eagle Mill and Oatmans was at Phoenix ]
Christmas day  it snowed a little last eve but it is all gone before noon. It is a warm pleasant day. Mrs. Thornton came up to see us. Samuel Robison ate dinner with us. We had a rolled pudding for dinner. Sam and I rode down to Pike after dinner. there is now in the town of Pike one Tavern kept by Harvey B. Oatman, one grocery and gambling hole kept by Harry Oatman, one store, Colver & Davenport, one tannery by Geiger & Miller, three blacksmith shops one by Little and Bradley one by Crockery, the other by old Mr. Low, 2 livery stables, Low & Sisley , the other by Allan Lee. The Phoenix Grist Mill S M Wait, and Lindley’s saw mill, Quigley’s boarding house, Colver has his large house built up two stories high but it is not covered yet. The street is full of trees between Oatmans and Lindleys. I wonder where Father spent Christmas. [Pike was another name for Phoenix – this was the first Christmas that John Beeson spent away from his family. Rolled pudding is in one of the cookbooks we have at THS]
31 Dec. ... This is New Year’s Eve, 1856 is almost gone, and we will greet 1857 tomorrow . How fast old time flies along. This is the 4th New Years eve I have spent in Oregon. My Father is far away in New York City. My Mother and I are here at home. Wallace Baldwin is with us. It is beautiful weather for this time of year. There is a ball at Badgers house in J’vlle tomorrow night. It is Decided that James Buchanan is elected President and John A Breckenridge, Vice President of these United States of America 1856. [Badger ran a Hotel in Jacksonville]

Jan 1st  first day of the year 1857 It is a pleasant day The sun is shining through the clouds part of the time It is snowing on the southern mountians. I am sitting in the house writing Mother is cooking the good things for Newyears dinner Wallace Baldwin has borrowed my riffle and gone a hunting. He returned in time for dinner. he did not kill anything. We had a rolled puding for dinner. very good. after dinner I took a walk on the hill with my rifle but did not see anything to shoot.
24th Christmas Eve. I sowed and draged wheat. Been beutiful day. It did not freeze very hard last night I have done sowing wheat for this year. Wallace is up this evening.
Dec 25th Christmas About one oclock, Oscar Sternes came to get my Mother to go up to their house, as his Mother was having a baby. He then got into bed with Wallace and me, and staid untill after breakfast Mother then came home it is a little girl weighs eleven lbs. I then went with Oscar, Orson, & John Robison on an exploreing exhibition. We crosed the first range of mountians to Aplegate creeck. We saw a number of deer, and several Bears sign. we got home at 4 oclock, very tired having crossed some steep mountians. It has been foggy day in the valley but warm. It was clear and beutiful on the mountians altho we had to wade through snow banks waist deep. Mother has baked a most exelent Christmas cake... [Mrs. Beeson attended the birth of Emma Maria Stearns who died a few years later when her clothes caught on fire and the other children near her were not able to extinquish the flames.]
Dec 31st ... I worked at Clearing out the creeck. .... In the evening I shot an owl Tomorrow we shall commence a New Year. how fast the last year has sliped by. It is my oppinion that the years are getting shorter. There is a grand Ball at Oatmans Fremont Hotel, in Phoenix, But we are all here at home. Mother is sewing, Wallace is reading in Harpers Magizine, and I am writing an adieu to 1857, so good bye old year. I wonder where Father is this New Years Eve.
New years Eve 1857
At the present time there are on Wagners Creeck seven Familys. The first near the Mouth
George Rockefellow Albert and Sarah Rockefelow
The next John Eliza, Allice Melville & Jack Wrisley liveing on Jacob Wagners farm, also Gilbert Thomson [?]
The next is James, Isabell, Kate & Laura Thornton
The next Mrs Ann Beeson & Welborn Beeson
The next John, Susan, and John Junior, Robrt and Mary Robison.
The next David, Fidelia, Oscar, Orson Nuel, Arminda, Mary, George and Emma Sternes,
The next is Grandville, Mrs. Alonzo Adolphus Alvin and Alvina Naylor, also William Sutherland, and John --thmill. [illegible]
Total number of souls, on the Creeck 37
Males 21 Females 16
unmaried Females 9 unmarried Males 15
Married Females 7 Married Males 11 [illegible]

Dec 31st 1857
Number of horses owned on the Creeck
Rockefellows & Broth 3 head
Wrisley & Wagner & Thomson 5
Thornton . . . . 4
Beesons 3
Robison & son 7
Sterens 5
Naylor & Sutherland 4
Total 31 head

Mr Grandville Naylor owns and runs one saw mill, The only Machinery on the Creeck. The ballace of the inhaabitance are farmers
Rockefellows & Broth raised wheat 400
Wrisley . . . . . . . 500
Thornton . . . . . . . 200
Beeson - - - 300
Robison - - - 150
Sternes 100
Total amount of wheat 1650
And about 400 bus of Oats, and a little Barley

Jan 1  first day of the year 1858. frosty night cool day The sun shone out nice. Wallace & I went up the Anderson Branch to get some black Rasberry bushes. We got home by one o clock. Mother had a good dinner for us. after dinner Wallace went to his home to plant his bushes. I planted mine and then grubed brush out of the creeck. Wallace came up this evening and is writing his Diary. Mother is mending stockings ... James & Bell Thornton and their daughters Kate & Laury called to see Mother. They had been spending Newyears at Mr Robison. [Wish we had the diary of Wallace Baldwin as well]
[No Christmas recorded for 1858]
 Jan Another new year to commence on. I heard a number of guns fireing down at Gassburg, so I got up and fired four shots to salute the Newyear. Foggy morning at nine oclock commenced to snow and snowed nearly all day. commenced to rain and thaw at evening. I took a stroll on the mountain came in to Dinner. Mother had a nice Apple pudding for dinner made out of some Aples Sam Robison had given us. Uncle David Stearn’s came down to gass awhile. ... Mother has the Tooth ache very bad. I am going to bed, for the first time this year. ….
Jan 2  ..I was gassing to Martha & the old Man. There was a ball at Gassburg last night about twenty five couple attended it. Oscar Stearns attended it for the first one he ever attended.
Dec 24th  ...Charly and I rode down to Gassburg to mail some letters we went down to the Balls race track to see the race between Mountian Buck & Nelsons Smith’s horse. Buck got sixty yds the start and out thirty yds ahead I do now know how it will be decided by the Judges. It has been disagreeble day we got our mail a letter from Father he is still at Boston. John & Rob come down and we eat pears Apples and Christmas cake, and drank grape juice that we had raised our selves. we enjoyed ourselves very well.
Dec 25th Christmass morning. Beutiful morn John and Charly staid all night with me. Uncle David [Stearns] come down this moring he found a yellow butter cup flower this Christmas Morning. I went up to his house staid awhile had all the Apples we could eat and some cider Aunt Fidelia [Stearns] had made. The children were all at home from school, to spend Christmas. I come home to dinner we had a good Christmas dinner Wallace, Charly, Mother, & I eat it to ourselves. Thortons were at Robisons to spend Christmas. It has been very dull Christmas to me. ... I wrote a letter to my Father in the evening. Charly [Cummings] went up to his camp to night and now Wallace Mother and I are alone this Christmas night AD 1859.
Dec 31st Saturday. ... This is the last night of another year. 1859 has rolled away quietly to us, but some parts of the world strange things have happened. The papers come teeming with accounts of an insurrection at Harppers Ferry, Verginia, raised by old John Brown of Kansass notoriety, in an attempt to Emancipate the slaves by force I glory in Browns object, but I think he is a little fanatical on the subject. He went with 16 other white men and 5 negros, and captured the US Arssenel at the Ferry and held it in spite of all the Verginia Malitia, from Sundy night until teusday. some of the United States troops came to the Releive of the Verginians and they had to kill all but 5 or 6 of Browns party and they were all wounded but two. old Brown is a brave man. The Verginians have got him Prisoner and tried him for Treason & Murder & found him guilty and sentenced him to be hung on the 16th of this Month. ...
Well I will now say adiu to Eighteen hundred fifty nine In a few hours we shall have to welcom, the Lord permitting us, the new year Eighteen hundred sixty 1860. The figures are easily made. But I feel sorry to see the years gliding by so fast, gone in to the past never to return 1859 nobody will ever live in that year again. Those four figures have been writen oftener in connection with each other this past year than they ever will be again Mother Wallace and I are setting by the fire in the same old room that I have spent the last seven years in, from 1853 to 1859
The Population of Wagners Creeck has not Increased very much, Nor the Wealth of the Inhabitants has not grown immensely no noted improvements, Ecept Wagners fine barn and watering spout. Thornton has plastered his old house but I does not look much better There are twenty stands of Bees on the creeck Robison one Stearnes one and Charly Clum eighteen, Stearnes own two Turkeys. There are quite a numbers of Miners scatered through the mountains at the head of our creeck. None realy commenced to mine, but all think they have a good Prospect, on Jackson Creeck Charles Hicks has discovered a rich quartzs Lead, which pays him about twelve dollars to the Pound of rock, very Rich
We that is My Mother and I have not advanced much in Riches, but still we have not fallen back for which I feel Thankful.

New Years Day  beutiful sunshiny morning but soon clouded up and the wind commenced to blow very hard from the East It made evey thing creak and crack. the Tall pine trees bend to and fro making obeciance to all surrounding nature. about ten o clock all of Stearnes boys came down, Newel was riding his yearling black colt. they staid awhile and then all lefte but Oscar pretty soon Uncle David came down in the carrieg and left Minda, & Mary, and then Oscar & I got in and took Uncle David Aunt Fidelia Eman and George down to Thortons and then we came back put the horse in the stable and then all come down to the house. and poped corn and eat cake & [ink blot] and dinner. and Wallace Oscar John and I Mother Minda and Mary all enjoyed Newyears day first rate I guess. If the wind does blow so after noon John and I hitched up to the Carriage and took Minda & Mary to Gassburg to attend their school we came home at dark. John took the carriage on up home and I came in. Jim Thorton and Charly Cummings were in. Jim says he has set two years from now to go to the State on a visit.
Charly went home again so that Mother and Wallace and I are here alone I wonder where my Father is spending his Newyears. I hope he is enjoying himself.
Naylor & family were at Thorntons visiting to day also. ..
Sam Colver had a roast Turkey dinner at the Lagery as he calls his dwelling. The roads are comparitively good for this time of the year.
Dec 25th Christmas day. Eighteen hundred and sixty years ago this night the sheperds of old beheld the star which they followed untill they came to an old stable in which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born, all nations of Christians have honored the day since then. It is the day when all the children expect presents of some kind, and partys and dinners and friendly reunions are made. In fact it is the day when every body ___ every body else are merry and happy time. our neighbors Mr Stearns have made a supper at Gassburg for the school children they invited Mother & I to attend but Mother is not very well. Albert Rockefellow and wife are visiting at Wagners Mr Woolens folks are taking dinner at Mr Myers etc etc
Wallace and I went to hunt Cattle We called in at Blackburns. They are all well. We were riding untill three oclock then we came home having found several head. Mother had an exelent Christmas dinner. I then choped some wood Wallace went to the Glenn. We are now all at home Mother Wallace and I Father is far away I wish he was here. then we would be all together. Mother has got a pitcher of pure grape wine and some fruit cake for our Christmas supper. It is exelent It has been a mild day. the snow has gone very fast. John Robison went passed he said that Portor Gridly died on Sunday last of sore throat.
Dec 31st Monday. The last day of this year 1860. It has been a very windy day. Wallace helped me to haul straw and wood, and then drive the Cattle up the creeck after dinner I took Mother up to Hendrixes in the wagon to call. Mrs Hendix is still about the same.
We are spending this New Years Eve different to others since we have been here, or rather we have company Proffessor Roggers and his young friend from New Haven Conn. by name of Howard are visiting us this evening. If it were not for that, Wallace Mother and I are here about the same. Father is in the East still. It is raining a little now and thundering. I shall have to have a new book tomorrow
The past year seems to me to have been the longest that I have experienced in Oregon. We have not amassed any more property than we owened a year ago. Been a beutiful year and we have been well for which we feel thankful

1 Jan Glorious beutiful morning for this time of the year. Professor Roggers and Mr. Howard who have been visiting us went to Gassburg this Morning. ... Mr Blackburn and family have moved to Gassburg so as to send the children to Prof Roggers school the live in a little cabin hardly large enough to turn around in. Mr Wagner and lady were visiting at Pat McManuses.
There was a ball at Oatmans last night and a number of the bummers got drunk and cut up considerable. Jim Downy came up eat dinner with us. he borrowed my Sadle bags. he is going to Start to the Willamette Vally tomorrow. I hear that Mrs. Hendrix is getting some better. I think if old Johny and others will stay away and not disturb her she may live until spring but I do not think she will get well, she has taken so much medicine. Mr and Mrs Britian have gone up to stay all night.
Dec 8  ...Joe and I went across our Bridge It and Mr Wagners bridge being the only two places possible to cross our Creeck we went down to Mr Thorntons and then along up Bear Creeck, to Opposite Mr Woolens Bear Creeck is higher than ever I have seen it. It is washing the bank away very fast and if It keeps on raining long It will overflow Mr Woolens house. It has washed all the rails out of the Bear Creeck bottom ….Our potatoe patch is nearly all gone, down stream. Britains corn patch is all under water, fact is It is the highest waters ever known before in the vally, and Still raing steady but is quite warm and pleasant like spring.
Dec 10th  …. News has come that all the ferrys and bridges have gone from Rouge River Klamath River and Illinois river. The flood has done at least one hundred thousand dollars worth of damage. It is unprecedented in the History of the valley.
Dec 24th  It still rains, we hauled straw to the cattle, and then I went to Gassburg I tried to go to John Herrings but found the road to bad, so I did not go down It still rains, to morrow is Christmas
Ruffus and J B Mc Clure got back from the North last night, they have gone up to their old Cabin to camp they say that they had to swim the river all they way. The Williamette has done a vast deal of damage, such floods never was known before since white man has lived here
Dec 25th Christmas. Up early, Logan was in such a hurry to See what Santa Claus had put into his stocking, he found a knife and candy and apple and cake, he was very pleased We hauled some straw out and then Wallace took Logan to his Mothers to spend Christmas when he got back We all get ready and went to Stearnes to Christmas dinner. William’es folks were there and Oscar brought Annie Root and Billy Williams brought his sister and Bell Colver so we had quite a dinner party, to Honer Emmas Birthday as well as Christmas, we had a real old Jovial time. Wallace and I brought Mother home and then we went back and Mat Wood and G Naylor’s played for [us] and we had a dance in Oscar Shop and played untill Eleven Oclock had a very social time, I think all enjoyed themselves first rate. been most beutiful warm day. [WB learned how to play chess and played it several times in December – making his own chess board and players – Camp Baker had just started up in 1861 and the Civil war had commenced]
31 Dec ….. Logan, Mother. and I are here by the fire this last night of 1861. The year’s roll on at a great speed. We are about the same in wealth has last year. We have a good Barn and Sheds for our stock. Which is very comfortable.
We have 11 head horses 1000.00
about 60 “ Cattle              600.00
about 30 “ hog’s                 50.00
about 200 bus Oats             60.00
about 150 “ Wheat             75.00
“ “ “
Which shows a great falling off in the value of our property since two years ago, but we still have about the same amount of property. I hope to be able to sell some of it for cash soon.
I bought some glass of Redlick to put in some windows in the Barn, and some putty to putty it in. I also sent down to Jacksonville by Goldsmith for a Diary book and account book.
The year 1861 will long be remembered has being the year that the Civil War
in Ammerica was commenced, when or how it will end no one knows, but the all wise “God” that knows all things. Many and Many are the vallient men that have learned the Arts of War that little dreamed a year ago that would ever be called up on to fight their own country men – but so it is.

Jan 1st  I have not procured a book yet for another years Diary so I fill this up I have sent to Jacksonville for one by Goldsmith. We got up late, hauld straw to the cattle, did the chores, and then Minda Mary and Cenith Williams came to spend New Years with us. So Wallace and I staid in the house all day been cool and foggy. I went to Stearnes in the evening, have just come home. Mother and Wallace in bed, I am going. It is snowing a little now. ...
Dec 24th Chrismas Eve. I am better. I borrowed the fore wheels of Mr Patersons wagon and put them on the hind axles of our wagon and hauled a load of lumber up. I got some oak plank for Paterson to make fellas to our wagon wheel. after noon I stacked up lumber. been cool cloudy day. in the eve we all attended singing school but few of the members were present, most of them having gone to the ball at Ashland. they are having a good time up there to night. We have just got home from sing and are eating some of Mothers most exelent Christmas Cake and good Apples. Wallace Mother and I and Logan are here. Father is still in the States, I got papers from him to day in which are several extracts from his pen. Bad news has come from the war. Sixty thousand federals were drowned in the retreat across the river from Fredricksburg, and the Cabinet have resigned and left the President alone. the National affairs look dark in deed, But I still hope it will be all right I got a letter from John Wiskerchen, he is at Walla Walla with the Co. A Oregon Volunteers, doing pretty well.
Dec 25th Christmas day. Sun rose nice and has been a beutiful day. a slight covering of hail in the morning but soon disapeared. the roads are hard and dry, scarcely any frost to be seen. the grass and grain grow very slow it is so dry. I have to feed all our stock. It is most singular it dont rain I helped Will and George Patersen split out some wagon spokes out of some Oak rails they helped me to cut an oak saw log. in the evening Tweed came up to Spend Christmas night. We have been eating apples and nice Christmas Cake the folks that attended the ball went up home early this morning. I have not seen any one that was there yet, to speak to. I hear that a Man was huraing for Jeff Davis in Gassburg, and Lt Underwood had him arested and taken to Camp Baker good I am glad. It serves him right I wish a few more were taken up. well this Christmas is passed and here we are still about the same family circle.
Dec 31st  Wagner Creeck about an inch of snow on the ground soon melted away, the sun shone out so bright after breakfast I walked up to Stearnes. they are busy preparing for a grand ball to night. I met with Ira and Norman Lee. I went to Camp Baker with them in Holton’s wagon It was pay day with the soldier boys but they did not get their pay. We walked to Gassburg, then had a shooting match. I shot twice and killed a turkey one hundred yards I shot at a mark and made the second best shot out of about one hundred, at the distance of one hundred and thirty yds. there was a horse race etc. etc. etc. I bought a pair of shoes and came home at sundown. Mr and Mrs Holton called in the evening. Sam Robison came and barrowed a half lb of lead to go hunting to morrow. I lent Bob a lb the other day. It is now freezing some. several have gone to the ball at Stearnes. I am tired so I wont go.
This is the last day of the old year away goes the time how swift and what account am I making of it. I do not seem to improve has fast either mentaly physicaly nor moraly as I should like to, neither do I increase earthly riches as fast I should like, but still I have a great deal to be thankful for. I have not had as good health the past season as I commonly have. I seem to be afflicted with the Rheumaticism. Mother’s health is about as usial. My Father is still in the East. our property now is valued
10 horses worth $100 each               1000.00
8 cattle worth . . . .                              100.00
18 hogs . . . .                                         75.00
10000lbs flour 4cts per lbs                 400.00
note on Reed & Robison                    100.00
account on J Walker                             90.00
25000ft lumber 20cts per ____           500 00
sum Total cashable property             2265 00
besides enough hay oats and wheat in the barn to keep us in grub untill another crop, and pay the few little debts we owe, which do not amount to much. It is not so much as we have been worth at times, but we still hold our own about so we are calculating to build a new house the coming summer, if I can keep out of debt and have a good span of horses and four cows and twenty pigs left next new Years eve I shall be satisfied, if we have no bad luck, and we keep well, I think we shall succeed. and then I hope we will begin to prosper again in this worlds goods, but alas I know not. our nation is in deep trouble. It may be that before another year we shall be in a civil war right here at home numbers of sesesh are threatening to make a dificulty if possible, oh how I wish peace could be made, and our nation become united once more, but It is not so. Old year Eighteen hundred sixty two I bid you adieu

Dec 24  It is rainy and bad the snow is fast going. Jule and I killed a beef, and they took it to Gassburg sold half of it. Preston Andersen was having a shooting match for turkeys they shot one hundred fifty yds and killed some times. I shot five times but did not kill any we got home at sundown. It is cleare and is going to freeze. Mr Lavenberg paid me up, I went to Thorntons to spend Christmas eve.
Dec 25 Christmas Julius and I hauled wood forenoon and then had dinner not extra for Christmas Mother dont feel like cooking anything extra after dinner I went to Wagner’s found all gone to spend Christmas at Sargents, excepting Annie I staid untill they came home. Ira come along and I come home with him and did the chores, and then I went with him to his house. Holton and family have gone to spend Christmas some where
Dec 31st Early I started over to Coolridges got eight barrels, to peddle out on commission I started down the road called at every house sold one to Widow Colvers, one to Mr Arundelle, and went to Norman Lee’s to stay all night found him well, he gave me supper. We spent the evening pleasantly. I went to bed at nine Norman sat up untill twelve oclock he fired a revolver of five salutes to bid farewell to old 1863. We could hear guns all night at Jacksonville, this is the first New year’s eve I ever spent away from home. ...

Newyears day January 1st, We got up late. Norman cooked breakfast and then I started on a peddleding my barrels did not meet with very good sucess. I finaly got in to Jacksonville, and finaly Mr Bloom took them on commision to sell.. he took the remaining six at $3.00 per barrel. 18.00
I bought of him 130 lbs nails at 15 cts per lb 19.50
I then drove around to Mr Grow’s he was sick in bed. Mrs Grow & Kate & Ida were well. I had a good dinner there. I started home at two, got home at dark. It was raining and bad weather roads very muddy. I guess I wont try the Pork Barrel business any more. Jule has been hauling rails. Mother is well and pleasant to night. I brought several presents for Logan from his Mother & Sister’s. there is a little party at Gassburg. We are situated a little different now to what we were one year ago we are now living in a new house and It is much more comfortable then the old log cabin on account of the roof.
Dec 24th at daylight hitched up and started home. I took Eliza home and built a fire for her then came to Wagners left the wagon found I had to serve a Summons on A H Hanly for Archer I came home did the chores found Mother some better. rode Lion heart to Hanleys served the summons then went to Gassburg found the neighbor there paying their taxes to T.G. Reames Dept Sheriff, also attracted by a shooting Match given by P Anderson I did not stay I came up to Wagners to attend the trial. ...
Christmas It has been raining hard all night and is Still raining. Old Santa Claus came around last night and left Mother a nice Album. Logan a cigar box full of candy and me a nice cake and apple. But oh how it rains. Tweed & Johnson has just been giving us a Christmas call. Logan has gone up to Howells and Dennas. Mother and I have been putting the photographs into her new album. It is nearly full. she is very much better but is still very weak. I have been reading the Sentinel. I wrote a piece last week for It and It has published it. It is the first piece I ever had published. I signed the piece with my given name spelled backwards, vis Nroblew. I have now just finished writing two more pieces, one a discription of the ball at Ashland and the other in relation to the Specific contract law passed at the last legislature. It still rains the creeck is raising. I took a walk down to Wagner’s in the evening have just got home a eight o clock. It is dark has pitch and pouring down rain.
Dec 31st Saturday. ...I came through Gassburg. I got a Turkey and took it to Mrs Coolidges to have her roast it, and we will have a new years dinner tomorrow. I attended the law suit at Wagners ... the snow is nearly all gone in the Vally. Ira is better he was able to ride out to day. the party at Gassburg did not amount to much last night.

Newyears Day Sunday up early. had good breakfast Mother, Logan, and I. Tweed called after breakfast. I hitched Jessie to the buggy and took Eliza Gifford to Coolidges Ira, Julius, and Mr Gifford were there we had a pleasant visit. Mrs Coolidges had roasted the turkey so good. the sun shone warm forenoon. It turned cloudy after noon and rained some. Thornton and wife spent Newyears at Helmans in Ashland. I got home at Dark. Logan has been to Gassburg. Mother staid at home all day. How fast roll the years away. ...
DECEMBER 24, It is fine and snowey by spells. Logan took a Christmas present of some apples to old Mrs Thurber. Wallace went up to the Glenn, eat dinner at Howell in the evening Father went Holtons. I went to Stephens. Em Barnaberg and Beckey were full of fun. Wallace went to Stearnes to see Minnie. It is cool to night. I have just come home at nine oclock. Mother has gone to bed. again Christmas Eve has rolled around. Mother has made a Cake and put dried Grapes in it. they are as good as raisins. we also have wine and plenty of apples. I wish every body had as many comforts as we have, although we have no money to Spend. my Colt Sherman died this moring.
DECEMBER 25 ...Wallace and Father came down early to breakfast. Logan found Candy &c, &c, in his socks, but old Santa claus had not left Mother or me any thing. I am not well Wallace went with Oscar to a Shooting Match at Gass at eleven oclock.I rode down to Thorntons gave the Child some Christmas candy. called at Wagner’s, and the Esq went to Gassburg with me on his horse Samson, did not stay long but we came up with Jim Thornton and George Patterson. I went up to Coolidges eat dinner the stage was just going up. It having got stuck in the mud last night near Jackson. It is storming now. We are all at home been rather dull. I have Just finished reading the life of Dr Lyman Beecher in Harpers.
DECEMBER 31 The last day of the year. Up late. It is now eleven oclock A. M. We have been reading &c &c. I am going to start up the gulch soon, to be there with Howell ready to commence work on New Year’s. I shall write a benidiction of the year and welcome New years in the large book that the diary for the first part of 1854 is writen. ..This New years eve My family are all here. Mother Father and self Wallace, and Logan. It is foggy chilly day. I am not as well as I should like to be. Mother has a severe pain in her side constantly. Father has had the ague, but thinks now it is broken up.
Durring the passed year I have seen more adventures and traveled more than all the rest of my life put to gather, and as a consequence made less property. The firm now of Beeson and Son now own the old farm with a good Barn and house nearly finished,
four work Mares and a stable horse, worth 600.00
one black Rolla riding horse                         75.00
three yearling colts                                      125.00
two sucking colts                                           50.00
three milk cows                                             50.00
one yearling hiefer and three calfes               25.00
Forty eight head of pigs, cow’s & shoats     150.00
one old wagon and new plow                         75.00
Making a total of personal property          $1150.00
besides enough wheat, oats &c, &c. to feed and keep the above stock through the winter, also have about 14 acres of wheat sowed up beutiful about 11 acres of volenteer, and about 35 acres of Oats sowed that was up beutiful, but is now I am afraid killed by the frost. if it is I shall move to resow it and will have to buy the seed. We owe about
$450.00 which will leave personly
propert above indebtedness about 700.00 a great falling off from our property list formerly, but I hope to show a larger list by another year. I also have about five or six thousand shingle on hack, and some posts and pickets to put a new fence around the orchard which will all be improvements. I also own 16 acres land near Ashland that is now worth $1.25 cts per acre but will be worth more after awhile, especialy if a Woolen factory is built there.
Wagner Creeck has improved some what. Stearnes have nearly finished there new house. I. M. Wagner has built a new house. S. M. Robison has built a new house on the Anderson Creeck, and Uncle Johy is talking of putting up a house in the Spring. There are now in school precincut of Wagner Creeck
37 Men Woman 22
43 boy’s girls 28
80 Males Total Females 50
Mr J Ammerman has one chinaman living with him
Grand pa John Stearnes is the oldest man in the precincut.
E. K. Anderson has been settled in the precinct the longest, and My Father and family have been settled imedutly on Wagner Creeck longer than any one else now on the creeck.
Money is rather scarce on the creeck at this time but with all I think times have a better appearance and a brighter future may be expected. every body seems now in earnest to improve their homes and country instead of that restless Spirit of wishing to travel and acumullate sudden riches.
Just at the present time the young folks are excited about attending a ball on the eight of January at Ashland. the main trouble seems to be there are not boy’s enough to take the girls and they all want to go. with these few statistic I will bid 1865 adieu.

New Years Morning, rather cloudy, and dull. have staid about the house all the fore noon. Mr Williams called in onrout to Jacksonville. after noon Father and I took a walk to Wagners and Thorntons. found they had gone to make newyears visits somewhere. fine after noon. Sun Shines out some Wallace went to Gassburg on Lionheart. Logan attended school. Mother is some better to day.
Dec 18th windy & stormy ...Hattie Baldwin is here to night and her and Kate {Welborn Beeson’s wife ] are cutting up the biggest kind they are now in our room putting on come of my clothes to dress up like men oh Dear Kate how can you think I could love any but you.The girls have come out dressed in my clothes they do look so funny Kate is a perfect little man. She beats any thing I ever saw. I can hardly realize how she can act so if she never did dress up before in men’s clothes she seems to know it all. I give up she knows more than I do.
Dec 23rd  yesterday, Kate and I went to Ashland and staid at Jake Wagners all night. we had a pleasant visit. It is a stormy, cold night. we started from Ashland at noon took dinner at Coolidges, and got home at dark, in the rain. We have had a fine time and my lovely Kate says she has enjoyed better than at any other visit. I bought her a new delane dress for Christmas and also got H. Emery to frame the pictures of Lincoln & family, and Washington and family they are nice. Charly Holoway is here. he is going to work for me, a month for $35.00 Wallace was here but has gone home through the storm. Logan & Father have kept house. It is very windy. [Christmas presents were a dress for Kate, and two framed pictures of Lincoln’s family and Washington and family. ]
Dec 25th Christmas cloudy day quite pleasant Charly Holoway comenced work for me yesterday He and Logan have been thrashing all day. Father has been plowing. I have been spending Christmas with my loved Kate and a happy one I have spent. It is now windy and is going to rain. the first Christmas I ever spent with out Dear Mother to wish me a Merry Christmas, but my Dear Kate wished me it and she is so much like Dear Mother in every respect. She had a nice Christmas cake so much like Mother’s that we almost thought Mother’s Spirit had directed her how to make it If I believed in Spiritualism I should think that Mother’s Spririt had entered Kates body. Dwight Griffin called and James Justice I paid Dwight all I owe him. I now owe this Christmas more than I ever owed before in my life. I love you Kate, do you love me yes Dear Welborn
Dec 31st another fine day, and the last of the year, 1866, a year of great events to my life’s page. I have lost the best Mother that ever was, and have found the best wife in the world. and oh! how happy I am to night. There is no one here but Kate and I, Father & Logan. Father was down to see Mr Root He is very sick. Charly has gone to help Stevens to set out fruit trees two days. Father has been ploughing. Kate went with me to visit at Williams while I stacked up lumber. Wagner & wife were there. we had a fine time. Kate and came home around by Howells. It is quit cool to night. It is decidedly the most pleasant fall & winter I ever saw. we are getting along fine. We have 40 acres of wheat sowed, and considerble ploughing done. I have not got out of debt as much as I had hoped to I owe to Ira Chandler a note of                  120.00
To J Hookanoose                                     110.00
To M Riggs                                                70.00
To school fund                                           80.00
a note & Mortgage to W & T.G. Reames 700.00
a few small debts to be paid in trade        100.00
Total Idebtedness                                    1180.00

I have in cash on hand          125.00
a note on CJ Dutton              110.00
little debts owing to me amnt 25.00
37 head of hogs worth          100.00
13 head of horses                  200.00
Wagons &c &c                      100.00
cows &c &c                           100.00
wheat, oats, &c                      200.00
Total Personal Property       1460.00

and the Farm well prepared for a large crop so I hope to come clear of debt next year if possible. my Kate has gone to sleep, by my side and the fire is out and so I will close my book for the last time in 1866, and when I open it again will welcom 1867 I would write some statistics of Wagner Creeck but am to sleepy to night.
Jan 1st Teusday. Another year has come and the world seems to go round the same. I hauled a load of lumber and took nine piees of meat to hang in B.Stevens smoke house, then spent the remainder of the day with my darling one. had a most exelent dinner. in the evening Hatie and Sarah Baldwin came to spend the night Katie Thornton went to spend the day with Ellie Anderson. Thorntons all went to Robisons and every body had a happy New Year. Father has been writing all day and has now gone to Gassburg. It is cool and frosty. most beutiful for this time of the year.
Dec 24th, ... It is once more Christmas eve, and how strange. here I am the chief of the family Dear Kate and Emmet are my all. Dear Mother is in her long home, and Father is in the States. Uncle Jimmy is staying with us to night, and telling some of his adventures in pioneer life in Settling the state of Illinois Indiana, at the site of Michagan Citty. Logan as gone to bed. Uncle Johnys folks are going to have a turky dinner to morrow. they invited us to go and take dinner with them but Mrs Howell having sent us word that she would be down to take dinner with us. Uncle Jimmy is 78 years of age, and has seen a varied life on the frontier of Verginia, Ohio, Indiana & Iowa and Oregon, and now is with out a relation or hardly a friend. He has some money, which will make him a home. He thinks he should never left Indiana, but poor old man he wanders
Dec 25th Christmas day Up late, Logan fired of the shot gun It is drizling down rain pretty brisk. I killed two chickens and Kate is roasting them Carlos Goddard, Mr Blood, Uncle Jimmy Lauglin John Howell wife and three children all came down to take Christmas dinner with Kate, Logan & I and Emmet. Although raining outside It was pleasant and agreeble in the house and all seemed to enjoy themselves so much
Uncle Johny’s folks had a family gathering also. There is a ball in Gassburg to night. One in Ashland last night. Uncle Jimmy & Mr Blood are here to night. Kate is well and so is little Emmet. Poor old Uncle Jimmy seems so melancholy and lonesom. I hope before I am so old and lonesom I may depart for the happy land, and oh Dear me I hope that I may go with you when you go. [italics written by Kate] Dearest Kate I hope we may go together
Dec 25th Christmas. Mr Youngs folks and Mrs Howell all came down to help Kate to prepare for the ball. I killed five chickens and two turkey’s, the women folks busy all day, two more teames arived with the Engine, etc, etc. about four oclock the folks began to gather in for the dance about eighty persons came and crowed the house so there was hardly room to dance, several of the boys had bottles of Whiskey and became boisterous
Dec 26  Byron Young was Floor Manager, He sold about 30 numbers at $1.50 cts per number. about one oclock Booth got pretty tight and knocked a boy name of Wise down then he Commenced to abuse me and kick at me. I then knocked him down and pounded him some, and then he was not Satisfied but he tried it again so I ordered him away, he would not go so I shot at him with my revolver but Bob Robison knocked my arm, up and I missed him, He run then and did not come back to bother It frightened all the women and made everybody feel bad, but the Music started up and the ball rolled on as if nothing had happened although It is the principle talk at present. It and Small Pox are the topics of the day, the folks all went Home and Kate and I slept some and then got up and put things to right somewhat, but every thing seems up side down....
Dec 28th ..about noon, T G. Owens, came to Subpeona Me to go to town as witness for the State against Steven Booth in the Case of Asualt and Battery on the boy, Andrew Wize, so I went to Town and the trial came off and Booth had ten dollars fine and the Costs of Suit amounting all to 41.00 to pay, for hitting the boy. If I had sued him it would have been More, but he seems to be sorry for the way he acted, and so I shall do nothing with it if he lets me alone. I have to stay in town to night I am going to selep [sleep] in the Stable and have my own blanket
Dec 29th Teusday. I got four dollars I greenbacks for Witness Fees then started down the vally to try to find oxen for sale ...I found several cattle for Sale, but did not close the bargain for any of them. ...

1 Jan Up early and went to the Mill with Will Patterson, and got a load of lumber, brought down and Denna Will and I put up a house, 16x22, got it raised and the rafters on floor laid and sided up biggest days work that has been done for some time. ...
Dec 24th  I have been at Ashland yesterday and to day, surveying the line between Helman & myself & Coolidge It set in to Storm this Morning. It is cool and windy Every body was preparing for Christmas They are going to have a Christmas tree at Ashland, I staid all night at Helmans.
Hooknouse [John Hockenyus], has been building a shed for me over the Well, and Cellar door; I come home to spend Christmas eve with my Katie & Emmet, they are well and happy Wallace is here, and we have cake to eat of Katies baking .
[No entries for the 25th and 26th of December, 1869]
Dec 27th...Katie and [I] spent our Christmas at Ashland, enjoyed ourselves very much, came home on Sunday night. We are now at home and have every thing comfortable, around us, and we should be contented & happy. I am Indeed thankful to the Supreme Ruler for granting me such privelidges as I enjoy If I knew where my Father was and what he is doing, I should be glad. He was at Chapinville, Litchfield Co. Conn. and was well, the last letter I had. I am very busy now.

[No entries for the 4th thru the 30th of December, 1870]
Dec 31st Saturday night once again the last day of the year has come, another Revolution of the earth around in its Orbit and It finds me a poor weak delapidated specimen of humanity out of health and almost discouraged. I now have a large family dependent on me for support and am less able to support them than ever before. We have had frosty weather the past two weeks and the boys have not been able to plow but now it has thawed out and plows nice now. I was at Ashland yesterday, and Henry came up to night and I came home with him. It is now eleven Oclock, and all are in bed Andrew, Henry, Robert, Charles, Nicholas, Emmet. & Wellie, Kate & Ellen, are my family. Mollie George & Lizzie Sargent, are staying here to night [Kate’s parents died so the Brophy siblings all came to live with Welborn Beeson and wife, Kate who had their own two children by 1870, Emmett and Welborn Jr.]
On Friday the 23rd we had a dance which was attended by forty two coupple, and everybody enjoyed themselves finely.

January 1st
Welcom. Newyear, and I hope I may enjoy the space you occupy in the calendar of time better than I have the past twelve months. I have run far behind in my worldly affairs the past year.
I now owe. J. Lauglin [James Laughlin]133.50
“ “ O. A. D. [O. A. Davis]                      200.00
“ “ J. V. A. [James V. Ammerman]         224.00
“ “ J. H. [Jim Helms]                              364.00
“ “ D. G. [Dr. Greenman ??]                     60.00
“ “ J. Stout                                                 42.50
Hoffman & Hargadine                              40.00
School bill                                                 20.00
Total Indebtedness                                1084.00

I own property at Ashland                    250.00
“ “ on Antelope                                      50.00
“ “ lumber on hand 50.00                     100.00
Cattle 123.00                                        150.00
Horses                                                   150.00
“ 40 Hogs                                                40.00
Corn                                                      100.00
Hay to sell                                             100.00
Apples, etc etc                                        50.00
Hay, Wheat & Oats for feed & seed     200.00
Note on J & W. Carson                           75.00
Cash & Accounts on book                   150.00
Total Amt on hand                           $1415.00

Total Indebtedness   1084.00
balance in my favor $331.00
I am far behind last year,
I shall now take Henry Brophy my brother in law, in Company with me in the Diary book business so he will write most of the time. He has Just come home from Meeting.
Christmas Eve. Dec 24th again I chronical the close approach of the holidays and Merry Christmas. The family are all in bed except Kate & I and she is busy filling up the expectant socks or rather hats of the ten or eleven Members of the family. I have been very sick for the past day or two but am some better now. Yesterday at noon it set in to rain and to day the ground is covered four inches deep with snow, but is thawing away very fast, now, so I am off for bed. Mery Christmas to all
Dec 26th We attended a dance at Colvers Hall and had a splendid time, Henry & Dalton took care of the Wellie & Emmet, so that we were not bothered with them or anything else. The ground is covered with snow. Christmas passed of agreeble to all of us, the boys all had presents I was able to take all the little fellows down to the Shooting match and I shot a turkey. It is now the most singular weather I ever saw the ground has about four inches and still snowing but thaws has fast so that it remains the same,. Andrew, Hen & Dalton all were on the Mountain to day, I am now going to do the chores.
Dec 31st ...We have all attended Singing School. Raff Clift took dinner with us Hendrick & Reno Goddard came and played with the boys. Mr Rapp has called in It is quite cloudy to night. Andrew has gone home with Lizzy Sargent, will be back to night. some of the boys are talking of coming to the Hall tomorrow night and having a dance. Carlos & Bob Robison are set on going to G Briners, Our Family now consists of Andrew Henry, Dalton, Robert, Charley and Nicholas Brophy, Welborn, Kate, Emmett & Wellie Beeson, & Lizzy Sargent, although she is not going to stay longer than next week.
We own, ten head of horses that we know of      $500.00
and six head out in the Mountain.
We own, eight head of cattle                                 100.00
We own eighty four head of hogs                          100.00
We own Plows, Wagons, Harness, etc, etc.           100.00
land at Ashland                                                      400.00
240 acres deed land on Antelope and Homestead 300.00
We also have Wheat & Oats for Seed and Hay,
potatoes, Apples, etc. to do us ________             1500.00

Dec 23rd Monday. It rained last night we hitched up the team and all went up to Ashland. I got a lot of dishes for the dance, also bought some things Henry bought a suit of clothes. Dalt a new pair of boots, and Andrew got drunk as a fool. Mrs. Coolidge came home with me, to attend the dance, I guess our women are about ready for the party.
Dec 31st Teusday The last day of the year 1872. Christmas passed off in fine style we had 52 numbers at the ball and lots of Pies & cakes left. So we gave out news that we would have another dance to night New Years Eve. It is a fine morning slight white frost & some foggy. I am quite unwell with rheumaticism in my back. It is a wild winter. Ira Chandler came in from over the Mountain last night He reports all quiet on the Lost River, a number of teamsters are hauling over the Mountain, and a great many more are going government is paying 9 cts per lb freight which is pretty good pay. But it is a cold Job. I don’t think I want any of it in mine.

Dec 24th, Saturday. a Most beutiful warm SunShiny day. Dalt is plowing & sowing wheat Morland & Johny are plowing the land they have rented of Me. It plows nice. Henry & Robert have gone to the Mountain with the team they took a Boar pig up and some Wheat. We have the sheep here at home as yet. Charly and Nick are sawing wood. My shouldr is improving and I am able to use my arm some, but still can not work much. I have 11 hogs in pen fattening. It is the finest winter I ever saw. Kate and I attended a dance at Culvers Hall on Christmas night given by Mrs Lavenberg sixty eight couple were in attendence and everything passed of I fine style everybody enjoyed themselves and we had a spledid Supper. I am in debt so much now that I hardly know where to Commence to write down what I owe.....I got a letter from Father he is [in] Connecticut yet.

Jan 1st Again another year breaks forth into existence, and 1873 has passed into eternity forever to add one more cycle to times numerous revolutions. It is a beutiful warm sunshiny day Dalton is plowing and Rob is harrowing wheat Kate is trying to wash but makes poor out for she is very weak I am quite sick and crippled. I almost give up ever being any thing else any more.
... Mr Root holds a family New Year dinner to day. Mr Marches folks and Ritters partake with them, also Mr Fitzgeralds who are living on Roots place this year. This is a very fine season so far although in every direction we read of heavy snow storms. ... last week I took dinner at Mr Wm Flowers of Ashland, and recognized in Mrs Flowers an old acquaintance of twenty five years ago. Mary Black who used to live at Jenks. [From Illinois where WB was born]We had a great time talking over old times. She is the girl that got religion and one day when I went up to Jenks to get a pail of water for the school house I heard her praying and making a great fuss in the Back house. I thought she had fell in and run to her assistance but when I got there she Jumped up and commenced scolding at me and told me to get, wasn’t I ashamed of Myself she said she would put me in the Soop pit, etc etc. I left in a hury But I was glad to see her here. For any body that knows the old Illinois home seems like an old Friend I wish I could see Will Clayton. ….now I will proceed to state my Financial report.
Financial Report for year ending Dec 31st 1873
Note Due
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
Account “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
“ “
Interest on the above

Mrs. L. Ammerman
J Rapp
R. B. Hargadine
Mrs R Thurber
Mc Connell Heusman
J Helms
Sachs & Reams,
J Buick
Doctor Bolt
Horne & Robb
Farlow & Miller
Watson & Chitwood
Mc Call. Bourn
Harvey R Maxwell
Jacob Ish
to July 1st 1874

I have the following property to ofset

which leaves me in a worse fix than I ever was before in my life. poor sick and helpless but few friends, and them very poor. alas my hopes of the past are all blasted and the grim future looms up in the distance of a steep Mountain which appears almost impassable, but faint heart never won any prize. I am blest with two bright boys and a good wife and am thankful for the few pleasures and would be more so for any others granted. So I will close this page of history, and wonder how I shall be able to chronicle on the last day of the present year of 1874.

Dec 24th  I hauled a cord of wood to Baum & Mc Call at Ashland for $3.50. very Mudy. Snow low down on the Mountains, but none yet in the Vally, every body at Ashland preparing to go to Pheonix to attend Mrs Lavenbergs dance. Henry has gone. Lousia was using the axe to split some kindling and It glanced and struck Wellie across the nose and cut It nearly off. Very narrow escape of Killing the little Sweety. He will be scarred nearly like I am across the nose. My Nose was cut by a Case Knife falling across it when I lay in the Cradle. Kate put Camphor and Sugar on to it to stop the blood. I am tired to night. I have had better health the past six months than for years past, and I am beginning to improve some in my Circumstances. I am greatly in debt though yet.
Dec 25th Christmas Morn. Snow on the ground this Morning about an inch deep Henry reports ball at Pheonix a grand success, over 70 couple present shooting Match to day, I am not going. Bob Nick & Charly have gone to Ashland to see the fawn at Applegates. Mrs Ward and girls have come over to Spend Christmas day. Kate is going to have a roast turkey. the sun is shining nice now. the Children are enjoying themselves nicely cracking Almonds and eating grapes & Apples & Candy etc. etc. etc.

January 1st, New Years day I have been to Pheonix to attend the Grange and helped Buick install the officers, had a good time and picnic book.
[No Entry for Christmas in 1875]

January 1st Another Newyears day has come and gone. Ed [Slosson] and Price came down from the Mill got here on Christmas Eve. They Report all well at Mill, but had a fearful time getting here the Streams were all up and they came near drowning in Butte Creeck. [WB bought some land near present day Prospect and built a sawmill with his cousin’s husband Ed Slosson] Ed and I went to Ashland yesterday and Staid all night at the cabin Ed got a load of supplies to take up I am going to help him pull up to the Bybees ferry tomorrow We have had a great deal of Rain and Roads are very Mudy and the Streams are higher than ever before, since sixty one & two. Dalt, Andrew, John Turfrey, Price, and Ed, Nick, Emmett, Wellie, are all here with Kate and I and Jessie, making quite a crowd. I am going to try to fix up my books but alas I owe more than I can possible pay. ...
Dec 12th, Ed, and I came from the Mill Sunday. ... We have sold out, the whole thing to H. P. Deskins for stock and lumber. Ed gets $100.00 in coin the balance in notes. I got six head of horses wagon & buggy, and Harness and $100.00 worth of lumber for my share. One of the horses is sick to night. I am going to start to Redding to take Key and Ed down on their way to the States. Ed is playing the Violin. ... Ed is the best Fiddler I know off, and is playing on the old fiddle He is going to leave the fiddle here untill he comes back. If he never comes back I am to keep it. He let me have a wagon part pay on the note he owes me $150.00 The note was for 477.48cts with interest from Nov 15th, 1873, But I gave it up to him, and I don’t think he will ever pay me any more. He left set of Harness and a saddle, subject to his order. He has been a great loss to me.
Dec 31st The last day of the Centinel year. I arrived home to day, from Redding had a good trip no Rain or snow, But It had Rained on Siskiyou and It was Mudy Crossing ballance of Road very good I landed Key and Ed, safe in Redding seven days from Ashland. The[y] took the Cars for old Illinois. I started back come over Scotts and Trinty Mountains and through Scotts Vally, Ft Jones etc. I brought considerble Frieght, made a little more than expences found all well at Home ...Kate made me a present of a nice box Cigars for Christmas I have given her nothing as yet. I am not able to buy much of a present for her. Jessie is very Cross Wellie is not well to night. It is Cool Clear weather. I shall close for this year, and commence the New Year next.

January 1st New years day Mild and Foggy. Cora Ward died this morning. I went got Tallent to make the Coffin, and then went to Ashland and had Sam Stevens, John Tallent, Bob Brophy, Bill Johnson to dig the grave. Wellie is quite sick to night Laura, Minnie Anderson and Martha Rapp are sitting up with Coras corps It is cool to night., But there is no snow on the summit of Wagner Peak the first time I ever knew Wagner Peak to have no snow on the first of January.
[No Christmas entry 1877]
Dec 29th [John Dalton Beeson born] Born To W Beeson a fine large boy this Morning at five Oclock. Dr Covert, Aunty Robison and Mrs Ward in Atendance. Henry & Charly Brophy and Casy Neal Waiters. The boy seems healthy and Kate doing well as could be expected. No name for the boy as yet. The other Children seemed pleased especially Jessie....
Dec 31st Frosty Morn but fine day. I walked to Ashland to get the Mail and some Crackers etc etc for Kate. She is doing well and the new boy is a fine healthy baby. No name selected for him yet. We don’t know what to name him. Dr Covert was here to day. ... Mrs Ward Minds to the baby and Casy Neal does the house work. She has been to a ball to night, leaves us alone, W Beeson wife and four children. I got a letter from Mollie George to day. This is the last day of 1877. good bye old year I am paying Interest on $1525.00 I hope soon to stop that if I have good luck. There are now 37 familys, on Wagner Creeck, containing on an average 5 persons in each family.

January 1 The year came in with a slight frost ground some what frozen. Kate is getting along nicely our little babe 3 days old is a fine boy. I left Kate in charge of Mrs Ward and Casy Neal and went to Gassburg to a shooting match. I brought home a fine Turkey. Mrs Ward is having a Newyears party at her house lots of young folks here. I intend to keep an account of my income and expences in this book beutiful night. Emmett Wellie, Henry & Charly and Casy have all gone to the play party to night.
[ no entry for Christmas 1878]
Dec 31st Newyears Eve We went to Pheonix attended a Ball at Lovenburgs, had nice time. [WB was noticeably less verbous in the 1870s – his growing family and debts were weighing him down and he was just too busy and tired to write a lot in his diary]

Jan 1st And now have come home, feeling sleepy. went to bed slept till nine oclock. I went To Pheonix attended shooting Match. Bill Mayfeild made the best shot Jim Smith made the two best shots Been fine day. still freesing dry weather, sunshiny through the day.
Well on this newyears day I have got my Indebtedness Reduced to the Sum of 607.31cts But I have not got so much land by one hundred & seven acres, as I had last year. I have accounts & notes to to and of  175.00
I have 4 horses worth 300.00
100 bus whea               60.00
Oats                             50.00
Apples                         20.00
Pork & Hogs               75.00
                                $ 680.00
I also own an old bugy spring wagon and big wagon, Harness, worth 200.00
own lots in Pheonix worth                                                                     200.00
Mountain Ranch                                                                                   1200.00
Home Ranch                                                                                         3000.00
December 23rd Snow fell on the 18th and 19th about six teen inches and is still covering the ground and freezing hard. last night I believe was the coldest night I ever experienced in Oregon. The pototoes and apples are all froze in the barn, and stock will suffer terrible If this snow lasts very long. Roads are almost impossible We are busy getting firewood. It is equal to the winter of 1861-62.
Dec 24 Christmas Eve ...the boys have gone to bed and now I will put the little presents in their stockings.
December 25th Christmas ... Emmett, Nick, and I walked to Pheonix The snow being about 12 inches deep and still frozen. I did not stay long.... B Reeser and a crowd were down from Ashland in a sled with four horses and bells. The[y] shouted and cracked their whips just as Tweed was watering his horses at the Mill Race, and It Frightened the old boy horse Pedro and he fell on the Ice and throwd his hip out I guess Tweed will have to kill him.

January 1st, Again, the Cycle of time marks a New year. The boys and I hauled several loads of wood to the wood house. I went up to Rob Robisons to see Saml Stevens to Negotiate a loan of five hundred dollars. He is to let me Know to morrow. I have very near got out of debt but My Father is now very old and is away back in old Illinois at the old place where I was born and wants to come home and so I thought to send him mony and I will have to borrow again.I hate to do it but I must help him If I can. I borrowed of Carlos Goddard school clerck $50.00 to day. I now owe
Esq Hoffman 114.00
Andy Widner 112.00
W Tate             55.00
O Harbough    50.00
C Goddard      50.00
                      381 00
ND Brophy     70.00

and I own five good horses      300.00
Two cows two yearlins              50.00
Twenty eight pigs                      50.00
Plow Harness and old wagon    25.00
One hundred bus wheat             60.00
รข\? hundred bus barley              40.00
Ten Ton Hay                            100.00
Lots in Pheonix                       300.00
Mountain Ranch                      600.00
Besides a good home here on Wagner Creek of two hundred acres, so that I feel a great deal better of financialy than I have done for a long time. If I can only have my health I shall soon get out entirely out of debt for myself. But will have to five hundred more in debt for Father.
Tacks for Emmett
Writing paper for Father
Socks for Emmett
Something for Nick Wellie
Jessie Doll Johnie Harp
Shoes for Jessie & John
No 6 ½ No 5 & Nick
blank book for Wellie & Emmet
Stockings for Mack.
Eeliastic, Jessie Socks
for Jim & Steve
Rubbers for No 3 Mens

January 1 A New year has again come around. I walked to Ashland, saw a jumping match between Shortridge & Sheppard the farmer wining by 5 inches it is pleasant weather I staid to the I00 F lodge paid dues 1.00 I am going to stay at Houcks in room No 3 with John Sargent who was initiated in the lodge
24 Dec some litel rain and some snow low down but nice afternoon Everybody at the Christmas tree had a good time a little dance at Brittains after wards the school house was crowed full.
Grandpa seemed to enjoy himself as well as the children.
Gran Ma Bells got a present from her son in _____________(illegible)
25 Dec ... We are all going to the Christmas ball at Pheonix tomorrow ...
31 Dec This is the last of the old year and tomorrow an other commences.
Mrs Sander Dr
to 3 month Rent of House 3.00
to 2 months rent of school 2.00

1882 [no record]

JANUARY 1 Sharp frost, John Morland went home. I chored around attending to two sow’s that have eleven little pigs come as new year’s presents. Sun shiny but very windy, boys choring not doing much. Grand Pa writing Kate and babys cooking some mince pies. Several have called in, everybody going to attend the double wedding at Lavenbergs to night. the girls mary C C Low & James Brown. Emmet & Nick attended
24 Dec [Railroad workers camping in tents] I went to Pheonix & Camp 8 and settled up with all the old Customers that are left I then went to Camp 7 and Settled up there. I sold about 25 bus apples. Nick came home sick He has been to work on Spile driver He has bad cold. It is Raining to night and Cold hard on all the poor people camped out in tents.
DECEMBER 25 Christmas once again, rained all night and water all over the County to day. I opened drains & Chored around attending the Stock We have 3 lambs and four little pigs. Emet took Lula Sherman up home. I went to Talent in Evenig The Children all found presents and Grand Pa also. I got a nice Cup & Saucer & Silk handkerchiefs from wife & boys.
DECEMBER 31 I mailed to the Boston Investigator $10.00 Kate & I went to Ashland Had a very cold disagreeble ride the babe Annie went with us, the Rest of the Children staying at home with Grand Pa. this is the last day of the year and is cold, the water is frozen half inch thick
I got a new book for the next year So this is the last I will write in this old book.
For further Staztickes [Statistics] look in long book Marked John Brophy.
I Close this book out of debt to any body.
Thank my luck. [no more mention of God and his blessings – just luck now]

24 Dec ...I took Mr & Mrs True to Ashland, they are going back to Lasale County in a few days.
Winnie & Rosa went with me, to purchase Christmas presents for to night. It has been a beutiful day, some foggy. Winnie Kate and I have been distributing the presents around to the Children
25 Dec Christmas, Look in big book a warm cloudy day I went to Talent called on Breezes. I bargained for a John Deere plow of Talent for 16.50cts, paid 2.00 Cash on it. Came home at two Oclock to a Turkey dinner our own family, Nick & Winnie being all that was present.
Nick Emmett & Winnie have all gone to Pheonix to a ball at Lavenbergs.

Jan 1st a Cloudy day some frost but thawing some and windy I went to Talent
to Make out the P. O. Reports. Mr & Mrs Breese Rosa & Birdy came up to eat Turkey and spend the Evening. The children seemed to enjoy themselves. Mr Dean also took dinner with us.
The folks are all well on this New Years day. I am going to Ashland to morrow to buy new book.
DEC. 24... The Wagner Creeck Steam Saw Mill Co came down and I was busy writing for them all day till evening. Mr Purdom has sold out his half of Mill to Butterfeild and Pierce, 2600.00
Mr Talent & I Jointly bargained for 60000 feet of lumber from Tom Guir
at eight dollars per M. I let him have 18.00 cash on it It is to all be sawed by the first of June, 1887.
DEC. 25 A Big dance in Hall last night Sam Robison folks got up the Supper and N. D. Brophy & J R Robison and my self wer floor Managers we only sold about 22 No we only made enough to pay for the Fidlers & for the Supper it was such a bad night rainy and Mudy. everybody is sleepy on the ranch to day. Johny and I walked to Breeses I got a Christmas dinner and I paid up all I owed Breese for Blacksmithing. Grand Pa and the Children all got nice presents for Christmas
DEC. 31 We got home this morn at four and slept till six after breakfast I rode up to Saw Mill
to see a Steer. Snow all on ground but gone by noon. It is freezing to night. Boys Choped wood. I walked down to Store bought some things for Winnie $4.50 Emmett has gone down to Breeses to practice his Music This is the fare well of old year 1885. Grand Pa gone to Wolgamotts to spend the night

January 1st New Year’s Again we are here to welcom another new year’s. It hardly seems like newyears. It is cold a slight skim of ice on still water but the sun has shone out nicely all day. I have been buzy triming fruit trees. our folks are all well and all at home. Winnie Crosby is with us and Thomas Dorsey, Grand Pa, Emmett, Wellie, Jessie, Johnie, Fanie Annie, and little Katie, Mama & I. I hope the year 1886 will close as nicely as it has commenced and we may all be alive and well, but there is no telling what may happen in the next twelve months.
We are not so well of financialy as we were two years ago. Some way we are getting behind all the time no matter how hard we work. Emmett and I have worked very hard the last two years but have not made expences. It is true we spent eighty dollars on a trip to Portland, and have bought a new wagon, and a new seed cleaner, and we have considerble grain on hand and some pork, but not near enough to make up the deficit of our indebtedness,
We owe,
Estate Esq W Hoffman estate                  200.00
Estate John Stout, C.S.Sargent Agt.        250.00
Mrs Lu Leadbetter                                   125.00
Andres Widner                                         120.00
Henry Tweed                                            100.00
N.D. Brophy                                             200.00
Six months interest on above                     50.00
George Dickenson of Salem, F. Mill, Agt. 20.00

We own.
206 acres land Wagner Creeck     10000.00
400 acres land on Antelope Creck 2000.00
20 “ “ Pheonix                                  200.00
4 head horses                                    200.00
wagons & tools                                125.00
70 head cattle                                   110.00
58 head sheep                                    75.00
30 head hogs                                      75.00
200 bus wheat                                  100.00
200 bus barley                                    75.00
Hay & oats, corn                              125.00
Lumber                                               50.00
Gold coin                                          300.00
24. Dec Emmet & Winnie went to Central Point to a dance. Lizzy & John Briner & Ella Terrill
went with them The rest of us did not work any I attended the funeral of Mrs Mansfeild at Pheonix
...Several loads of Telegraph Poles were hauled out of the gulch to finish up the Macky Bennett line which will send a Circuit nearly around the world on new years day.
25. Dec We still are all laying of and not working. Wellie & Some boys were shooting
He makes some good shots with his New Muzle loading rifle he traded for from George Low.
Dec. 31. we took wheat to Eagle Mill and Settled up in full of all accounts got some Corn meal & Cracked wheat....  Boys & Winnie going to a little dance at the Hall, to pass the old year out and Welcom the new. Grand Pa is at home. Jessie is poorly. News of the death of General John A. Logan Firman Anderson and old Mr Bunyard

January 1st A beutiful day, But very dull on Wagner Creeck on account of a great amount of sickness in the neighborhood. Lossie Robison had a shooting match, for Ducks, 10cts per shot. a club of 5 making a team and the best shot taking the duck. That is much better than putting the poor duck or turkey up to be shot at as they used to do. I hope the human species are gaining a little in Humanity as they grow older.
Well the year 1886 has been a busy year for us. We have fenced in our Mountain Ranch, and now we owe a very large amount, But we also have some good property as follow’s, We have forty five acres sowed to wheat and Oats and twenty acres plowed on Mountain Ranch, ready to sow and seed up there to sow it, We have 300 bus barley for sale 150.00
24 head of Cattle                                                  240.00
9 head of Horses                                                  250.00
Wagons, header &c                                              150.00
44 head of Hogs                                                     60.00
100 bus of Apples                                                  25.00
5000 feet of lumber                                               50.00

We owe Mrs Stought                                            250.00
J A Stewart                                                         1000.00
T Guir                                                                  275.00
N.D. Brophy                                                        150.00
We have plenty of feed &c to winter our stock besides, and our real estate, and enough outstanding accounts to pay all our little bills, so that we feel pretty comfortable although paying interest on so much.
Dec. 22 Emmett hauled load of lumber from Harris Mill 520 feet. I made Apple boxes, and fixed up a lot of our pictures to send to our friends at a distance sent of eleven pagages [packages] and three letters got a letter from Father. He is still at Portland and does not want to Come home. Kate took 6 dozen eggs to the Store and I called at Vance Hendrixsons. Wellie Emmett & Jessie have gone to Mrs Shermans to String Pop Corn for the Christmas trees
Dec. 23 I walked to Pheonix to attend James Collins funeral. He died yesterday. He was one of the first settlers of the Vally, but now is gone. We burried him at Pheonix. ... Emmett was felling wood to day but has gone to Pheonix to dance. A letter from Mrs A. R. Riggs the lady Father is boarding with at Portland dunning for board bill...
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Wellie had a Shooting Match in grove. a big Crowd out to it. The Committee decorated The Hall ready for tree. Mr Deronzo & all the family Come to take Christmas with us. They appear nice people. We all went to Hall in evenig and had a Splendid time, a fine tree and all had a fine time. everybody got some present, and after the tree the youngsters had a dance. Tom walked down on his Crutches, and Come nearly breaking his leg over his again, but is all right again now. A Merry Christmas and Happy Newyear
Dec. 25 Christmas day, every body kind of dull, after the enjoyment yesterday. I went over to Call on Champ Payne who is sick again and some think is about Crazy, but I guess if his Doctors will quit giving him their Morphine that he will come out all right. ...
December 31st This closes the year of the above date, and the Beeson family are in Usial Health. Grand Pa is now in Portland and writes that he is enjoying exelent health although passed 84 years of age and he is thinking of making a trip to Washington before He returns home.
During the year we have improved some having built a barn on Mountain Ranch
and filled it with Hay, and we now have
fifty nine head of Cattle cash value 10.00 per head 590.00
8 head of Horses 20.00 per head                              160.00
28 “ sheep                                                                  28.00
17 “ hogs                                                                    34.00
Feed enough to keep the above stock till spring and we have 25 acres sowed on the mountain and seed enough to sow the ranch down hear, But we owe the sum of 2380 dollars, and I am T.J. Guirs security for 860.00 which I expect to have to pay, but have a mortgage on S S Smith saw mill as security but do not consider it worth a hill of beans.
Death has played havoc among the old Pioneers in 1887,
Mrs M Hanly
Elisabeth Myers,
James Collins
James Kilgore
Mary Brittian
Mrs Brake
have all past away,
and Uncle Sam Colver is in the Asylum, and C.T. Payne George Rockefellow and Bennett Million not expected to live over night to greet the New Year. So fair well old Friends and old year, W Beeson.

JAN 1 The year comes in Mild but cloudy with a little rain. Snow on the mountain Emmett is on the Hill with Frank Spicer, Wellie and I have done the chores. Ira & Al Drake brought in our old sorrel mare from the Applegate side She has been gone 4 years She is fat and in good shape. I paid them five dollars for bringing her in ….Nick come over from His ranch, with five deer, he killed yesterday.
They are having a big New Years dinner up at Sam Robisons, But it is dull here at Home. Our Calves are doing nicely down here. I dont know how they are doing on the Mountain Wellie say’s he thinks they are all right though,
DEC 24 Christmas Eve, a big Shooting Match at Talent everybody at it Wellie had some chickens John & George some turkeys in evenig a grand tree and exhibition by the Children at the Hall also at the Church, both places were Croweded too full extent, a dance at Hall after the performances, there is now a Saloon at Talent Kept by Al Helm’s and a number were drunk. C. C. Dickson of Medford got so drunk and sick He fell down in front of our house and I took him in put him to bed. All our family got some nice useful present on the tree Charles Brophy and His three boys here. It has been the most beutiful pleasant day, more like Summer than Christmas
DEC 25 Everybody laid in bed till late. Emmett went of on train to Central point to some Horse race the rest of us have not done much to day. Wellie has gone up Wagner to Saw Mill to a dance to night ...The Children are reading their Christmas books. Baby got a rattle and Mug. He has no name yet.
Dec 31st Again the year has arrived to an end, and It is time to make a report of How the Beeson family stand financialy We owe Mrs R Jacques interest to date 1575.00
Mrs E Stone                                                                                  500.00
Wm Mathis                                                                                     95.00
Miss L Sherman interest to date                                                   105.00
Insurance Co, interest                                                                    80.00
Security note for T Guier Inter                                                    850.00
We have money enough on hand to pay Interest on Mrs Stones note and what Bills we owe, and we also have some lumber to ballance against the security note
also we have 50 head of cattle               500.00
also Ten head of Horses                      400.00
Goats & Sheep & Hogs                        50.00
Hay & Oats to sell                                50.00
And dried fruit beans bacon &c         100.00

But as none of the notes come due for a long time we are in hopes to be able to meet them on time But I have been sick for eight weeks and am not stout yet, so that I can do any work, and the worst of all I have broken my Compass so that I can not follow my proffession and I am afraid I will not be able to have it repaired again.
Tom Guir has worked for us most of the year but have not settled with him on account of the security debt.Wm Stafford is staying on the Mountain since Nov 1st at $20.00 per month, but that will be due next spring and we may be able to make some thing by then.
Up on the whole, we would have been pretty well fixed had it not been that I foolishly went security for Tom Guier, but as it is we may live through it yet.

1 Jan Again I commence a New book. How little we know what will happen before the end. 1888 has gone into oblivion forever a great number of my old friends went with it among them S. Clark Taylor, Samuel Centers, & John Nolan, and myself almost went and am not well yet....I walked to Mill but It is shut down and all hands going to Wolgamott to a dance. Emmett Minnie & Miss [Dewcler] gone to a social at Netherlands. A total Eclipss of the sun to day, made every thing dark for a little while.
25 Dec Christmas Wellie and I did the Chores and eat an Christmas [dinner] of bread & milk then I started home met Emmett Coming up He has been to the dance at Hall and had a big time. I found the folks all sleeping the whole out fit having been to dance Winnie and Barbay are both here
29 Dec We all spent the dinner at Mr Deans and then all attended a lecture at Hall of Mattie Krekle a Splendid lecture the subject, Natural, morals in Comparison to Theological morrals after supper Uncle Ike Aunt Kitty Jessie and I went to Mr Dean’s and we set in a circle and had a wonderful demonstration of the truth of a great power that we can not explain. It may the influence of Departed earth friends and it may be some great occult power that we do not as yet have any conception off, at any rate It is safe to follow the rule of [earth] doing the best we can on

Jan 1st 1890
We own to offset the amont on Preceding page
Sixty eight head of Cattle 10.00 per head 680.00
fourteen head Horses 20 per head             280.00
Twenty one sheep 2.00 per head                 42.00
15 goats 2.00 per head                                30.00
3 hogs.                                                         25.00
25000 feet lumber, 10                               250.00
Land at Pheonix                                        100.00
400 acres on Mountain                           2000.00
200 acres Wagner Creek                         5000.00
Wagons, &c &c,                                       200.00
Hay to feed stock,                                    300.00
Grain for seed,                                         100.00

We have expended this year
For House for Emmett,  200.00
“ Fencing for Emmett    150.00
Improvements                350.00

On the ninth of July we had Hail storm that has damaged our fruit our vegetables our grain
and our buildings                               1500.00
and I had the note of Tom Giuer
for which I was security for which
damaged me to the amount of           1200.00
Total damage                                     2700.00
And so It is plain to see how we have fell behind.
My health has been better has that of all the family during the past year, But we have had an extraordary dry year, and a hard time generaly. But now the mountains are full of snow and a prospect for pleny of moisture but we have not got a seed planted or any wood Cut, and we hope to be able to accomplish something from now on so has to be able to make a ballance sheet one year hence.
Dec 24 up Early and went to Worlows found Jake pretty bad off but not likely to die for some time but I drew up a skeleton will for him took dinner Wm Charly being there and then I came by cabin found Wella had gone down, and so I went down got home at dark. found folks all getting ready to attend a ball at the Hall. Uncle Wash and Wilda Kate & I staid till midnight there was a large crowed out. 54 numbers all seemed to enjoy themselves Bill Mayfeild & co were the Muscions. John Briner, Charle Hocket, Taylor, Payne floor Managers.... Uncle Wash seems to like the climate pretty well. Wilda danced with Em & Wella [Washington Rawlings, Kate’s uncle from Iowa and his daughter, Wilda was staying with the Beesons at the time of this writing]
Christmas, Dec. 25 A drizzly mornig warm Rain very fine for growing crops. all hands stayng up very late. Uncle Wash says he does not think He ever saw it Rain before on Christmas day. most always snowe’s and is froze up in Iowa. Kate, Wilda & Uncle Wash went to Nicks to dinner. Emmett Wella & Stella & Jessie went to Minnies for dinner I staid at Home with Fannie ,Annie & Katie. Johnie was out shooting with Charles Purves. I wrote a number of letters &c and went to Post office got a letter from Frank Spicer & and I paid Charles Klum, $10.00 all I owe him. I walked up to Mr Dean’s in evenig. It has been a nice warm Rain all day. a much Pleasanter day than last Christmas
Dec 31st warm & Foggy. snow is still hanging on Summitt of Hill. Johnie went to Mountain Ranch. Emmett & Uncle Wash comnced to tear the old House down on the Road. It is Just twenty one year’s ago today since I built it. I made out deeds & bonds for Jim Briner, and pension papers for Jack Garvin, and surveyed a line for Sam Robison & Mr Dean, locating a corner on Rancharia ford on Anderson Creek, on the line between the Robisons places that Uncle Johnie Robison in His Will made the line between Robert & Sam Robison. It is pleasant to night. Snow still on the Summitt. Uncle Wash & Jessie & Stella have gone to Nick Brophys to visit to night Wilda is gainig in health I think.
Well I have been writing letters and settling up my book’s and Wash and the girls have come home from Nicks. Report a good time oyster supper, &c and now all have gone to Bed, and It is now Midnight and I alone am awake to Welcome in the New Year of

Jan 1st 1891, And I am thankful to be able to write that I do not owe as much as I have been in the habit of putting down Heretofore. I have Just figured up and t
he Dr account figures up in little bills                        32.64
and a note to Insurance                                               40.00
while I have owing to me in small accounts the sum 72.64
                                                                                 - 36.43
leaving a ballance of                                                  36.21
but I have 66.10cts in my pocket,
nd 10.00 in county script, and an account with the government
for Enumerating Census 60.61.
So I feel much better than last year.
We still own on the Wagner Creek,
184 acrs at 30.00 per acre                    5520.00
and 400 acrs on mountain -                      2000.00
60 head of cattle 10.00 per head            600.00
12 head horses 20 pr head                      240.00
13 sheep, 20 hogs, worth                        100.00
which is a very low Estimate and it is all our own. I will write more in a new book
New years A cloudy chilly Morning Uncle Wash & I went to Jacksonville by Medford to be at the Celbration of the Connection of Jacksonville with Medford by the new Rail Road that has been built during the past year, But They was not able to get a train over, on account of the Road not being settled solid enough. So we were disapointed, but I took Uncle Wash around to see the sights up to Britts gallery and into Helms, Cabinette, and the Bank to see gold Specimens, all of which were new to him, we found apples and Pears on the Trees in Britts Orchard still good, not frozen. I bought this book to write the events for the evening ---
We are stoping at Mrs Tayler’s she has purchased the old Glen House and keeps a nice house now, seems to be getting along nice. There is a ball at U. S. Hotel, Mose Alford & wife of Ashland are the Musicians and have a room here. The roads are some what muddy in places and It is showery to night Jacksonville is still very dull and no signs of life yet. I don’t know as the Railroad will help it any or not. It may but I think it is doubtful.
I left five names with Wm Holms to be put into the brand book, of the Stock Association
There are but few of the old Citizens of Jacksonville left, to see that I used to see around the place. They have gone to meet the devill - face to face. If there is any devil
Dec. 24th Thursday ...afternoon we attended an entertainment at the school. Proffessor Raymond and Miss Cheny had both Schools together the Children performed well. Been nice day, Shooting match at Talent. Wella and Jim come down Report ten inches of snow. Cattle all right, got all but two in. Ball at Hall, all gone to it.

[There were two little notes stuck in separately in the Diary.]

This Christmas eve, The Children
all have made me a nice Pen wiper
and hung in my desk. They all
had a helping hand to make it
from Mama to Katie. All have got
something for a present,
but not very much.

A merry merry
Christmas to

Merry Christmas.
J. D. B.
Dec 24th 1891

Dec 25th 1891 [Fannie wrote] Papa requested me to whenever he is away to write in his diary for him and Johnnie have gone over the mountains so I will write for him. George Robison and Anna Bunce were married last night. We all staid at home today and nothing happened worth writing
Dec. 31st  A windy blustery day. John & I and little girls Cleaned out the Hen House all nice and Clean and put in new Cedar in the nests. We find when Cedar leaves are about the nests, that lice do not bother the Hen’s, we have fifty five nice young Hen’s and three fine Roosters.
Emmett Hauled 800 ft more lumber to Julius, and Jule paid for
3528 ft $10.50 per M. $ 37.03
for beef 8.70
I paid him for apples 3.00
$ 42.73 cash,
which will enable us to pay up about all we owe, which is the most enjoyable part
of the year 1891, which is nearly ended. I am going to Mr Deans to attend Grange Meeting, a dance in hall.
It is now nearly Midnight and 1891 is about to pass to the places gone bye.
I have been up to Mr Dean’s to attend the Grange, It was Election and I was Elected Master. There is a dance at the Hall, our folks have not gone except Johnie. It is Clear to night, but not freezing yet, altho I think It will before Morning, snow still deep on the Mountain. I expect to go over to morrow again as James Garvin is wanted to work at the Patton Mine, which is going to start up full handed on Monday again.
We Received letters from C C Brophy who is at the Cascades on Columbia, Ogn
Jeff who with Andrew is in Soroco, New Mexico, they are scattered now far apart. W A Seaman wrote says Williamette Vally is Covered with water, Erickson Camp is Idle on account of It. Good by old year and old Book. To morrow a new one.

Jan 1st Welcom to the New Year We Commence this year of 1892 with far better prospects than we have any year for a long time. All are in fair health, and the small amount we owe, could be settled by selling a few articles that we could do without, and we have a nice bunch of Cattle and horses, and plenty of feed & seed, and a fine prospect for a Crop on Mountain Ranch. It is true our houses are not very nice but are Comfortable, and our Clothes are not very good, but they are paid for.
The Vally is bear to above the Mansfeild feild. But between there and Mountain Ranch is about two feet of snow. I expect to go over to day, and I dread the trip Wella & James Garvin are over there But Jim is needed to help in the Patton Mine and Can make more than we can afford to pay him so he is to Come out and I and Wella will stay on Mountain while Emmett stays on this Ranch. John & Children all attending school. Fannie has promised to write in this big new book while I am gone. Price of book $1.00
Talent has improved but little since one year ago. C. K. Klum is making a little stir by establishing a pork packing establishment. He is butchering about six hundred Hogs, and gives employment to a number of Men, which all helps a little town to exist. We have a Farmers Alliance, and a grange, and the young folks have Dances about every week, and there is Church about all the time so among all we Manage to keep up good spirits But Money is very scarce, now I will close, untill I return from the Ranch. Hoping the Children will write and take an interest in this book
Fannie wrote: Mr Chapman got two tier of wood and paid $2 but he still owes fourbits. Eva Robison & George Dewey were married last night.
Dec 24th ....John went to Talent to Shooting Match shot three shots for pigeons and won two which he has brought home and is going to try to raise some young ones. I don’t mind the boys having Shooting Matches if they don’t shoot at the poor bird. I think the human family are more merciful than they used to be, for In reading the pages of my diary a few years back will be found accounts of shooting at the live birds tied at a certain distance to be in terror some time while a number of shots were fired at them and then even kept wounded for hour’s longer.
The folks have gone to Alliance at Hall, before going Mama distributed some nice simple presents for Christmas eve to the Children. Grant also gave Fannie Annie & Katie, a nice book for a present. I got a nice new Red Handkerchief. The finance question with me was so close that I have not been able to make any presents.
But Hockersmith & Klum sent word for me to deliver the Hogs at Medford teusday night, so we will have Money before New year’s. But all the Present’s that were purchased was from the earnings of my efforts, But Mama failed to give me the pleasure of her Confidence in helping to select them. [About ¼ of a page was then written in the Diary, that someone crossed out.]
I am doing all I Can to do my duty to the nice family I have
[a few more words were written and crossed out]
Dec 25 Christmas A Cloudy windy day. I walked down to Talent and back home, heard that the high wind had done a great deal of damage up the vally and at Grants Pass had blown several building’s down. It has blown the Rail fences down around here. The day has been very quiet, no one been here except Warren Lynch he has Called to spend the evenig with the youngsters.
Dec 31st Patience and Perseverance will evenualy [eventually] bring and End to all things and so the year 1892 has come to an end, and a very peaceful end, here in this clime,
a beutiful day, slight frost in the morn, and pleasant day but soft Mud in the roads. I got up and little Katie got up and I made a cup of Coffee and she toasted a piece of bread, and so I had a simple breakfast and then went to Ashland on foot had a pleasant walk.
I took several orders for wood to be delivered next fall, and got dinner at the Ashland House, then rode home with C. K. Klum, a number of Wagner Creeckers were in Ashland.
The Mining excitement is still quite lively about the town but don’t seem to make Money any more plentiful has yet. an Enlarged copy of the Talent New’s Came out to day and It was very interesting Copy. I got home at night
Grant had partially done the Chores. John has gone again over to Ranch to stay
with Emmett, for awhile. I went over to Jules Foss, to take New year’s Eve supper, we had oyster soup and cake & sweet Cider and a nice visit
It is freezing slightly to night and the people at the Church are having what they
Call a watch Meeting to watch the old year out, and the new one in
Well, thank fortune I can Chronical that the Beeson family are out of debt and a little money on hand, and a visible means of raising a little more at any time, we are fixed tolerable Comfortable.
[Several lines were then written and Crossed out.]
I don’t know whether to Keep the Journal of life any longer or not. It seems so foolish to write all these little uninteresting incidents, but It is now become a habit that is hard to break off from.
I paid to Henry Kirby $8.80
bought dinner & Socks 35
Paid Blain Klum for watch .25