View of Rogue Valley from Wagner Butte

Hilt,California by George Wright

December 19, 1953
I don't know much about the little town of Hilt. It could be called a sawmill town because the lumbering and logging business seems to be the most active there, although there are some stock ranches in the area.
From what I have been told a man by the name of John Hilt first had a little sawmill and ranch near the present town of Hilt. The name Hilt was applied to the present sawmill and community when they were established, although they were built in a different place than the original mill and ranch.
About ten years ago I had a nice visit with Wilmer Hilt, the son of John Hilt who built the original mill, and he told me he went to school with my father at Hurley in the early days.
It was around 1929 when I last visited at Hilt, so I don't know much about the doings there at this time.